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Skylords Reborn (Coming Soon)


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When do you guys think you'll hear anything vis a vis the source code from EA?

That might happen soon, everybody knows that EA is the most insufferable video game company ever and i'm sure they'll take some action, even if the IP has been dead for a while

Hell yes they are. The more worrying thing is being that the money hungering scumbags that they are it pains me to think they won't let BF go for any less than a pretty penny   :( I hope to god everything goes as planned, I am extremely excited to re-life the BF experience!

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Hi guys.

I stumbled upon a link when i was in Legacy Reforge home site.
And by accident saw someone is bringing back good old Battleforge.
Brings tears to my eyes, it was like i lost a friend, and the comunity missed it to.

I remember mrxlink the heart of the comunity, and your interview whit the creators.

I was called TrippelHHH in the old game so i call my self the same, for now.

This is great news, i will spread the word.

Im speach less, been sad and misst this game like crazy in 2 years now.

Ive been playing a mobile game that is called Gow that reminds a little bit about battleforge.
But this is awesome   :P :P :P :P

Im not a use member of comunity forums, have only been member of Battleforges old forum.
So please have patience whit me and correct me if a posted something in wrong category etc.

thank u and i will wait whit eager for the game to be ready.

:heart: :heart: :heart: BAttleforge :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Sure absolutely.

There acctually was someone calling him self Jorne in old game asg.
Thought u where same guy.

But i recognise your name.
So u arent entierly new to me.
Good to see us gather here again.

I have missed this so much.
Man i was about to go to sleep when i was browing in Legacy reforge fb page.
And saw a link that they where bringing good old Battleforge back.

Its like an good old friend u have missed insanly much asg.

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Yes i agrre.
I have been on grumphy mood.
Since the day the put Bf down.
And honestly i havent found a single game, that could replace Bf.

Because it took a big part of my life.
Even if it is only a game.
I spent 1000nds of hours into old Battleforge.

So i am only feeling love,, respect, apreciation and happines.
The the new team that makes this possible.

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I remember there was a guy from... thailand i think? Was one of the firsts of my actual friends i made through online games, sadly stopped talking when i moved to another province and he was promoted. He helped me understand the game, get through maps that were really hard for me and even got me cards and taught me how the market worked, then i became rich in bfp :D

I tried to do the same with other people but after the third i gave up since they only wanted free bfp or cards just to quit the game or do nothing...

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Battleforge was the game which drew me into the whole gaming scene. I met my now best friends thanks to Battleforge, I started online gaming with Battleforge. I have so many good memories with this game. I love you guys for the recreation of this gem!

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It is incredible how fast so many people came back, after almost 2 years.

BattleForge lived on, and now thanks to this great project, it is coming back, better than ever (since there are people who care about the game)

Every day, I only have a better feeling about this :)

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