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  1. Cadark

    Updater Error

    i usually use 7-zip and when i first downloaded it, it was working just fine so i don't know if that's the problem
  2. Cadark

    Updater Error

    well i just downloaded everything again and still the same problem i sadly dont know why its that way but i guess i just hope that it will fix itself by the time the beta starts, you can close this thread now and thanks anyways ! appreciate it
  3. Cadark

    Updater Error

    i know that already and i did, i am now downloading everything again and maybe this time it will work.
  4. Cadark

    Updater Error

    yes of course, i have waited a week again but there still seems to be the same problem
  5. Cadark

    Updater Error

    64bit system and it was working before and i haven't changed any settings or something else. i did redownload everything but the problem is still there :/
  6. Cadark

    Updater Error

    The specified executable file is not a valid application for this operating system platform google translate says that is the german phrase sorry i forgot that not everyone is able to read german
  7. Cadark

    Updater Error

    Hey guys i got a problem for like 1 and a half week now i thought maybe its just a normal bug and i first didnt wanna complain about because well yea it could get fixed but in the whoole time i didnt see anyone that has the same issue so maybe its just for me, i have played quite a bit, so it was possible before to play with the usual issues but i could get in and now whenever i try to click on play in the updater i get this message. i did not change any settings on my end or something so i dont know what could have happened. well i still think that maybe it is a known issue and you guys are already working on it and if that is like that just tell me that you are and you can close this thread thanks for the answers
  8. Hey, i just wanted to ask if someone knows how long the stress test will last and yes i know that it is not the open beta yet. if the stress test is finished idk in like maybe 4 weeks then i bet there will be a server reset like all cards, bfp, gold etc. , will there be a time between the stress test and the open Beta where we can't play ? and my last question is what the maximum server capacity is, i know just now there are 300 caps or something but i meant what is the maximum that will get to play if all is going well. Thanks for your time and sorry for my broken english
  9. yep you can watch them by clicking on that link.
  10. I really loved to see the forge again you guys are great that you do this !
  11. oh then i would like to take part in 2vs2 too wow i can't wait !
  12. I Can't wait for this ! i always wanted to play it again.
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