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  1. Awesome windhunter will do a great job. Yea 360 is kinda blurry.
  2. Has an ability to interpertate everything u say in a strange way. :P
  3. Yes i agrre. I have been on grumphy mood. Since the day the put Bf down. And honestly i havent found a single game, that could replace Bf. Because it took a big part of my life. Even if it is only a game. I spent 1000nds of hours into old Battleforge. So i am only feeling love,, respect, apreciation and happines. The the new team that makes this possible.
  4. I am e nerd for wrestlig, i am a big WWE fan :) . So when i first joined the game i wasent sure what name i should pick. Had different ones in my mind like sentitel etc. But then i remember a wrestler i have as an favorite. So i called my self for TrippleHHH. But hes name is TripelH. I thought it was funny and clever for that time so it got stuck whit me. And here we are once again. Yay.
  5. Oh that would be great, u where one of my favorite top players, and rolemodel for fire and fire nature. So if they are watchable upload them on youtube add a link and we watch and learn :). And remind our self of the mechanics of Battleforge.
  6. All the best of wishes and respect to u, that makes it once again possible for us that loves Battleforge. And ofc even for new players to be able to once experience again enjoy endless hours of gaming. :P
  7. Sure absolutely. There acctually was someone calling him self Jorne in old game asg. Thought u where same guy. But i recognise your name. So u arent entierly new to me. Good to see us gather here again. I have missed this so much. Man i was about to go to sleep when i was browing in Legacy reforge fb page. And saw a link that they where bringing good old Battleforge back. Its like an good old friend u have missed insanly much asg.
  8. Hi guys. I stumbled upon a link when i was in Legacy Reforge home site. And by accident saw someone is bringing back good old Battleforge. Brings tears to my eyes, it was like i lost a friend, and the comunity missed it to. I remember mrxlink the heart of the comunity, and your interview whit the creators. I was called TrippelHHH in the old game so i call my self the same, for now. This is great news, i will spread the word. Im speach less, been sad and misst this game like crazy in 2 years now. Ive been playing a mobile game that is called Gow that reminds a
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