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  1. SparksOfFire

    Phishing and account security

    This would have to be handled very carefully as to not upset anyone, but if implemented right i think it could help steer some people away from scamming. If this does in fact become an issue something like this should be added to the forums/game to help control the situation, most people will become a lot more cautious if there is a board pointing out these people or situations IMO. (sorry about late reply didn't get notified)
  2. SparksOfFire

    Announcement : Alpha & Upcoming Stream

    will be there
  3. SparksOfFire

    connection Internet Speed

    http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4678548631 Australians have the worst internet
  4. SparksOfFire

    The legendary forum game "count"

    991 9 left
  5. SparksOfFire

    Fire pvp

    I agree fire was a very unbalanced element if its possible the devs should defiantly implement some sort of nerf or counter to fire if we want PvP to grow
  6. SparksOfFire

    The legendary forum game "count"

    970 30 left till 1000! wait an hour... 3-0 = 3 3 has five letters 5 has four letters 4 is the number of orbs in Battleforge Battleforge confirmed!
  7. SparksOfFire

    Un-Official Official Teaser Trailer for BFRB

    very intense I like it, Hope this can attract more people who are sitting on the fence
  8. SparksOfFire

    BFP Rewards From Wins

    maybe not 12 player maps then. These are the most stable options because they cannot be Speed run for BFP, if daily quests cover some PvE maps I don't see the problem of letting people get extra BFP from battlegrounds especially if it is a much smaller amount then the daily quests given. The idea is only so people can have a smaller constant income of BFP instead of completely relying on quests.
  9. SparksOfFire

    BFP Rewards From Wins

    If this can be done that would be a really great system for quests IMO, multi-accounting might destroy the economy and this seems like a suitable way to deal with it.
  10. SparksOfFire

    BFP Rewards From Wins

    The rewards from winning is meant to be like a small bonus once the daily quests are finished it is in no way meant to trump them and should be really small in comparison, it adds another angle to collecting BFP. I also think most story missions should be ruled out because of speed runners with the exception of the 12 player maps. for balancing instead of getting the BFP every game a certain amount of wins could be required?
  11. SparksOfFire

    BFP Rewards From Wins

    how about instead the rewards start at level 7 with a reward of 2 BFP level 8= 4 BFP level 9= 6 BFP and if you some how finish level 10 then you get 10 BFP this would need to be capped or reduced depending on the economy not sure how to deal with the PvP situation i only suggested it as some people don't like battlegrounds and PvE story missions you can just speed run making PvP the only other option.
  12. SparksOfFire

    BFP Rewards From Wins

    Hi guys Even though this has been discussed in other threads I thought I would address other forms of BFP income. As the Devs have already said they want to implement BFP income from quests which I think is a great idea, but there might be gaps in this idea especially if people have to wait a day just to get more BFP from daily quests excluding trading and generosity. I propose adding a win system for obtaining BFP this could be added into the Battlegrounds RPvE and Ranked PvP game types. Where after a certain amount of wins you are awarded a certain amount of BFP for example after 3 wins you get 5 BFP. If this is implemented with Battlegrounds the rewards at level 1 could be really small like 1 BFP while at level 10 you could receive a lot more at like 10 BFP. A lot of people have said in chat/forums that the Devs don't want hardcore players to get ahead I only propose this as a smaller alternative to quests if they can't or don't want to complete the quests that are available, or need extra BFP fast to buy a certain card/trade etc, if this is still a problem a daily cap could be a option like after they win 1 game and earn the BFP they can't get that BFP again till they win 2 games, then 4 games and so on, This can then be reset ever day. Another idea could be to limit the amount of BFP you can get in a day to something like 50. Some people may not enjoy what the current daily quest is and this is an alternative method of obtaining BFP. i have no idea how much BFP you should get from winning and if this will throw off the economy, but i think its a reasonable idea if its properly balanced and done right. share your ideas here.
  13. SparksOfFire

    Wiki and AllCards

    nice work guys, also theirs another wiki still open from the original battle forge http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/BattleForge_Wiki

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