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  1. NAME: Loading Screen Prevents Use of Game SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: After successfully logging in and loading REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Every time after successfully logging in and loading, the loading screen remains. The normal UI stuff including the summoners, chat and tabs on top bar appear as normal, however I cannot see the forge and clicking on the top tabs only results in an audio queue being played. The game doesn't crash, but it doesn't run either. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: [see attached] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Occasionally the game crashes rather than producing this specific bug, however, this bug occurs more often than just crashing.
  2. anyone else getting this issue where they cant play cos the loading screen doesnt disappear
  3. So close yet so far. Keeps disconnecting me from the server every time So damn keen to playing this gem once more. After so many years So thankful for all the work which has been done to make this possible
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