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    Raid Leading and Battleforge! Special thanks to BFReborn allowing everyone to play their dreams again.

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  1. Timotheus

    Past Broadcast (27/09/2015)

    You are right. But there will be more waves soon for the very dedicated members. The sad part in my opinion were the people surprised they weren't picked even though they were completely new to the community! Oh and of course you should all check out Kaliber's thread about that topic, it explains it very well.
  2. Timotheus

    Past Broadcast (27/09/2015)

    That sequence was priceless indeed.
  3. Timotheus

    Past Broadcast (27/09/2015)

    Good stream! A bit too much of spam but all the questions were answered carefully. Good job InsaneHawk and MrXLink!
  4. Timotheus

    Opening Tournament

    Hello there, very good concept I like it a lot. Signing in for both 1v1 and 2v2.
  5. Timotheus

    We all had this favourite 'one card'

    Mountaineer, my favourite card. Especially because I got it, very very luckily, by trading it for a fair price.
  6. Timotheus

    Tech Alpha Testers Confirmed list

    Congratulations! As Reinard already said, now the time has come to break the game!
  7. Timotheus

    3000 members woohooo

    Awww yeah!
  8. Timotheus

    Getting selected for Alpha

    Very motivational. I liked reading your post because this is exactly the view I have on this subject. People have to understand that there are people that REALLY help the development of the game. People creating wikis, people answering questions day and night, people talking about the subject and even others that keep this project alive by suggesting/posting all they can think of BFReborn. Considering how you found this project, it was exactly the same story on my side and I'm pretty sure it's the case for numerous people out here. We all loved this game at one point that we didn't stop thinking about it. I gave up looking for a BFlike game but when I found this project a few weeks ago it touched the bottom of my nostalgia. Thanks Kaliber for this post. May the people think about those true words.
  9. Timotheus

    BattleForge Reborn - prank trailer

    Just saw it on stream, it's hilarious, great job Ilsyde //
  10. 50 Mbps is already very good for gaming. However, if you wanted to start streaming, I would suggest to always have better than 5Mbps Upload, which is enough to stream but not in full hd I think. I really think 40Mbps is enough to have no issue with your connection whatsoever. I'm living with 5 other flatmates and 40 Mbps is really enough.
  11. Timotheus

    Where are you from?

    Oh well, I guess I'm the only one from Luxembourg.
  12. Timotheus

    Announcement : Alpha & Upcoming Stream

    The is real
  13. Timotheus

    Wondering how promo will work?

    Thank you very much. This is actually a good change (to me) even though I don't really remember the ratio in the official BF servers. I guess I will read all the changes again as it contains so much information!
  14. Timotheus

    Wondering how promo will work?

    This is actually a very interesting question. I didn't see the answer of your question in these forums even though I spent lots of time reading it and trying to look for that. Hope someone knows.
  15. Timotheus

    Best card of the game

    I like hyper aggro PvP decks and both the 2 Orb cards seem to me the best ones in these types of decks: (3th and 4th Orb very rarely used in PvP) 1 Orb: Sunderer (So much memories from it <3) 2 Orb: Mountaineer (My favourite card in the game) 3 Orb: Juggernaut (Just because of its unique active) 4 Orb: Colossus (My favourite PvE 4-Drop.)

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