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  1. So I made a little adjustments and I will clarify: I aggree with the battleship, as far as I love the design of this card if it would play in rpve I must put shield on it to make it fly faster so I`ve put second ironclad About T3 I also agree. Avatar of frost is tanky but core dredge can be very powerfull even with T4 units as it will survive longer (because of ranged attacks) I`m not quite sure about putting construct to this deck. As far as I think it is very powerful card (and I also like it`s design) I`m affraid it is too slow for RPVE. It is great with nether warp spe
  2. Hi Guys, I`m planning to create pure (ish) frost deck for my RPVE 9 matches and this is what I`ve created: The only downside that I can see is that it will requires tons of energy (as for amii monument plus lots of spells) so it will be kinda slow. I am thinking if amii monument and overgrowth is necesary (as for lots of shields in this deck) but I like have healing spells in rpve... so what do you think? Any suggestions about this deck? And this is my second thought. Ice age can act as a healing spell and shrine of the martyr will help generate more power:
  3. U should get Nobel price guys! :D:D:D
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