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[Important] Open Beta Delayed


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so realy im register on this page i dont even know how long and i never wrote anything cause im not confident enough in my english and i didnt had anything importent to say but this time i do it dosent even matter why you had to push back the open beta your health and lives are allways more importent and i mean me and my friends have looked for games like battleforge so many times and when we found this site we were just extremly happy that there are guys like you who would work on something like this just for the people and not for money and greed so what im trying to say is really really thank you for doing all that and dont overdoe it and take your time and sry for my bad english writing ^^

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On 21/1/2018 at 9:38 PM, fiki574 said:

Sorry, people :(

Don't be. Shit happens, and bugs certainly do. Please just take care of yourself and your exams, we can wait -I certainly can.

That, of course, goes for the other guys too ;)

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Dont hurt yourselves guys.

Super excited that you are bringing this game back.

Thanks so much for all of the efforts you have made.

I am hoping that you will be able to finish at some point but there is no deadline from my perspective.

Frankly its upsetting to hear you have been pushing yourselves so hard on this, you say you are finishing up your studies soon?

Well take this as your most important lesson: you cant please all the people, all the time.  No matter what you do there will always be x amount of people that want to rage at you.

It is vital that you evaluate yourself and what you do by your own standards which hopefully has some mixture of aiming high and accepting your failures.

Its really far to easy for us to get this idea that we should be perfect people or that other people are perfect when the reality could not be further away from that.

Take George Bush for example, that guy was the president of argueably the most powerful nation the world has ever seen but even on his best day he could not find his own ass with both hands and this is not outlying data, if anything this sort of thing is representative of the peak of the bell curve.

Honestly the older you get the more you will come to realise that almost everybody that you meet is very nearly entirely incompetant in all areas of their lives and it is literally nothing less than the most astonishing miracle and proof of the power of brute force that anything ever gets done at all, nevermind done correctly, in budget or on schedule.



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