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  1. Some tries, antivirus whitelisting and waiting for drained servers later, it all worked. Sure, it froze a bit while looking for the PvE matches (clicked on a solo one and froze a bit strangely, just stopped registering clicks), but all in all it works. Just being able to mess around in the initial Forge section with my starter cards is a chance I had thought lost.
  2. Well, we have waited, we wait, and we'll continue to wait until it's done. Better to make a good entrance that's late than a terrible first impression that'll put everyone off. There'll always be some disappointed because they rode the hype train too fast, but it's better to disappoint them and please the rest than disappoint everyone including them. Better it's later, really. I've been damned busy, this coming out would screw me.
  3. I don't really mind waiting a little more. I was going to be busy in February anyways
  4. Guess I'm late to this particular party. Still, I'm glad to have this game back, count me in when the next year comes.
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