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  1. gencko76

    Spectator Maps [REUPLOAD]

    hello the map 3v3 free for all close my game battleforge when i build a party with this map
  2. gencko76

    3 - Quests dosen't progress

    i have the same problem
  3. gencko76

    Waiting for other players... (for an hour)

    i have the same problem and i received a very small message with pdg afk maybe when i wait the 'other player'
  4. gencko76

    When I click start nothing happens

    wait i have battlefroge ! ^^ the prob is avast because in my settings the protection is disabled but my icone avast doesn t change thanks ^^
  5. gencko76

    When I click start nothing happens

    i think i have the launcher.exe and after play the game don t start
  6. gencko76

    When I click start nothing happens

    I use WinRAR and my antivirus is not running it does not work
  7. gencko76

    When I click start nothing happens

    Moi aussi je suis confrontée a ce problème depuis plusieurs semaines English: I too have been facing this problem for several weeks.
  8. Now when the application skylord reborn launches (with a drawing grimbahir flying over rampant frenzy) it does a little update and when I click on play it disappears.
  9. My fire shield and antivirus are already blocked
  10. i don t understand when the skylord application has lunched my file dissapear with the skylord application
  11. rar. it s the old battleforge ?
  12. i have the same problem with winrar he say me "please place all files from the archives into your battleforge folder" and i can't give picture with the pin ?
  13. hi i have this problem too but i can t extract .rar and when i open .rar i have adobe who say that battleforge is damage
  14. gencko76

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    You do a very good job for this game you don t have need to work more for respect the end limite it s not the death if we play later. Strenght to you, you are very good .

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