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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I ran rpve 9 and took your advice with only grinders and gemeye (i used 2 different kinds of grinders so i can summon more at once, and i combined 2 gemeyes) and it shortened my time. I also only used windweavers and shamans, making sure to have a 1-3 ration. When transitioning from T2-T3 I waited till my army (mostly windweavers) was big and i got it right away. I had about 8 minutes to spare~would have been more if I didnt miss-click on a nature orb when it was supposed to be ice (wasting 250 points) and if I didnt miss an area and all my units had to go back). Now m
  2. but isnt batriel 4 fire orbs? so u switch the shadow to fire too then switch back once summoned?
  3. When going for this deck are your t1-t3 all fire? what does the rest of your deck look like??
  4. Hey guys so i justl have a few questions with rpve and all that, I am wondering if there is any deck that can help me finish the game faster? Right now I can only do lvl 8 and when I finish it I only have 2-3 minutes to spare which is pretty close I think. Is that nomal or is there another way that I can finish faster. If you have any deck that helps clear the game faster please show them below. I use nature/frost decks T1: windweavers, shamans, spearmen, surge of light, T2: Frostmage, coldsnap, curse of oink, aggressor (blue), breeding grounds (though i only use this wh
  5. How do I do that? I can't find anything on it. ok i was able to choose to stop syncing it but then it says that the files will be deleted if I stop
  6. Name: Can't read log.txt file Severity: Between 2 and 1. Sometimes (but very rarely) it does nothing other times it crashes my game Location: As soon as I log in (i think that's the forge area), open world map, and when I try to create a game. Reproducibility: 9/10 -10/10 Description: This bug happens when I successfully log onto the game (forge area I think). Sometimes it doesn't happen right away, it happens when I try to open world map. After the message pops up either it does nothing or it crashes my game. Just earlier it happened right after I clicked on World Map an
  7. Hey guys so this has been happening to me lately. Sometimes it causes problems and other times it does nothing. I don't know why it's like this. Can anyone help me?. Also sometimes my game just closes/crashes without the message "your client has lost connection". Is that a problem with the game or with my computer? This happens randomly whether or not there are a lot of players. It even happened when there were only 3 pages on the list of people online in the game (yknow the one in the right side of the screen when you log in). Pls help me and thank you
  8. When I try to login it keeps on saying "your clent has lost connection to the server" or "too many players on server". I understand the second one but what does the first one mean? Is there anything I should do?
  9. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Guys? I don't like to complain but I am having problems with game. Its just the way its set up in my computer. I cant go full screen and the way its placed I am not able to move the camera downwards. I can go up and side to side but not downwards because my mouse would be touching my apps at the bottom
  10. Hello guys pls help out. so i downloaded the client then extracted it, I then downloaded the updater, moved it to the battleforge folder and extracted it there but when I try to run/open skylordsrebornupdater I get this "move files in archive to battleforge folder"
  11. Please rest and take of yourself and focus on exams fiki. Take as much time as you need we will still be here supporting this
  12. Yess. I just hope EA doesnt pull something when this gets more popular.
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