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[Important] Open Beta Delayed


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I do not want to advertise but hope it is possible.
Whoever donates at least 5 € Patreon gets updates about Patreon etc., how far the server and the game are and all updates.
Apart from the fact that the server is supported, you always get all the new information that you normally do not get.

Here is a quote that I copied 1: 1, if you donate the 5 dollar Patreon, donations.
  Unlock news/updates before they are released to the public, will be posted on Patreon (But please keep this information to yourselves!)

Ps: I would also ask EVERYONE to abide by these rules and not to prematurely distribute the updates written by Patreon.





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1 hour ago, Sphexist said:

How to submit the closed beta? I would love to be a part of it :)

You can enter the giveaways by joining the discord server. 

Also, @Kajamaz. I would like to tell you that begging for keys will results in you not getting access to the beta and ending on the blacklist xD better be carefull

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