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  1. I think they believed they could - stop attributing to malice what was a simple error.
  2. Gotta admit, i'm pretty massively disappointed - but there's no blame in that. sounds to me like dev team need to stop being so excited about release and look at it more logically. There's a lesson to be learnt here: Trying to make us all happy can have the opposite effect - so stick to what you should be: it's ready, when it's ready. no more self imposed deadlines please guys, you'll over work yourselves and you'll frustrate the community. thanks for the continuing work, i saw you all online extensively yesterday, so i'm sure you guys are being completely trut
  3. The last hours are always the hardest - keep faith guys xD thanks for the update ultra, the team seem to have been online for hours now, so it's easy to see you guys are doing what you can remember to take 5 for a coffee from time to time.
  4. Oh great doomsayer of our time, don't worry you'll be proven right or wrong very soon - we're almost there. In the meanwhile, why not relax a bit?
  5. I wasn't asking to be compensated - just to make that clear. I wanted to know if there were ways of helping, even if in a small way to get this revival the player base it deserves, that's all @Ultrakool - thanks for the info, i'll make sure my American friends online are the first to hear about it ^^
  6. Out of interest, what are the projected numbers for this at launch in terms of player base? Is the current hope to attract the main player base at open beta, or for the 'full launch' which happens in the future? What can WE do to help? I think all of us who have been watching the progress of this for years want it to succeed; our fun depends upon the size of the player base, as does the games success - Obviously streaming is one way, general mentions on social media another but should we all be pushing E-mails to sites for f2p gaming to include articles about this? Or is that a bad idea
  7. Understandable decision, I've been watching the progress here for years, what's an extra month or two? Don't let yourselves get ill to bring it to us, we've waited this long, i'm sure we'll still be here and the hype will still be building
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