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[Important] Open Beta Delayed

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Hmm thats great news haha. been waiting ever since 2015 and that it would come soon. but i had to enlist in mandatory military service which i am about to complete in 3 months time so i got slightly more free time to play and remember the old times for this game. Carry on the updates and works

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Hello Skylords, So now, let's talk about what we're going to do after all you will have to wait a bit longer, and please forgive us for this delay. We have decided on a few things: Ev

Sorry, people

@Fotti "I've been in the shoes of those developers, working so hard to revive our favorite game." - Proof or didn't happen "I actually don't believe that those devs are able to pull this stu

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Not often talking but always watching. Hope everyone does well with their finals and hope everyone remembers to look after their health before worrying about the game.

The original got shut down without proper warning so to all the developers bringing the game back thank you and all the best, for now we can wait. :)

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