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  1. oh my bad, didnt read correctly. Yeah I guess if you start late with the challenge the common cards get very rare. I just checked the prices, so if you have to buy every card 1 time you have to pay about 250 bfp, thats what you get daily for playing 45 minutes not counting the quests. That means the entry is very cheap and I guess you can always ask here if someone of the players can sponsor you ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. If you are a veteran you should be able to invest a few bfp in some commons, also you don't need to fully charge the cards, just 1 copy of each card is more than enough..
  3. my first time clear on expert pure frost was 45 min cause of some hickups ๐Ÿ˜„
  4. The effect itself is pretty good, just increase the range by 5-10m and it will be really good
  5. Feedback on the proposed changes Blight: Increase timer for the first wave by 30-60 seconds. The amount of restarts is so high because only 1 of 4 has to fail (unless you wanna continue to play with 2 players)and this just makes you not touch this map without a premade team. This is an easier fix then balance the camps for each position since they have a different difficulty depending on what you start with on orb 1. Convoy: seems good. make the stoneskin warriors immune to nightguard swap since you have more time? there are other issues but nothing that needs immediate attention now (you can set up a few necrofurys, lure the boss towards the gate with spawned skeletons from undead army and just nuke him with the necrofurys for an instant win, ignoring the mid part completely) Defending Hope: seems good, maybe change the bottom part since you never get those wells unless you want to defend an extra spot, but it is never worth it for 2 wells, so they mostly become obsolete. Nightmare Shard & Nightmares End: The biggest problem with these maps is acquiring T2 orb and so much waiting (e.g. if you fail and now you dont have enough charges xD). Maybe move the walls a bit further so that your archers can always hit the witch and the Vilebloods to make it consistent? Sunbridge: I think replacing only the first Dragon with an Abomination is still too hard, I think they only need to spawn after 1 player has T3, but needs testing. The Dwarfen Riddle: Not sure this will affect how the game is played at all. Maybe separate the map so you can't cross it with flying units?(Bearbeitet) The Guns of Lyr: Same problem as Blight, this map is so damn hard unless everyone knows to perfectly play their role that you don't play it with non premade teams at all. Reduce the waves a bit or give the others more time, this will not affect speedrunners and feedruns but give players who wanna play the map the normal way but don't have a full team to at least enjoy it from time to time. Titans: If you implement the nonblocking strategy for Jorne and make the swamp drake immune to night guard swap then Players 3 job could be a support for Player 1, maybe by doing objectives you delay Jornes arrival or disable some spawning buildings? for the non-commented maps: I like the suggested changes One of the biggest balancing issues for maps was and will always be Amii Monument Just my 2 Cent Prajoss
  6. Well as a Pure Fire PVE specialist (though not known to community) here are some advices. Fire struggles the most on T2. On T1 you have Nomads, Mines, Supress/Sunstriders, Firesworn, etc -> heavy options to clear any content. But T2 is a bit different since you dont get L Units or any Unit that can take some damage and you lack CC or Healing. To counter this you should use the Legendaries to do this stuff. Rogan is a solid option here, he is quite tanky, can disable 3 units for 15 seconds and buffs your dmg by 25%. Viridya has solid overtime healing and can spawn units to tank some dmg. Moon has a solid strong aoe Heal which can be used midfight to instant heal your units or after the fight to heal up and continue pushing. Also her single target disable is useful to focus down stronger enemies (like soulhunters). As for Towers, Rocket Towers are your friends to handle tons of enemies and Pyromaniacs (red) to eliminate ground units on mass. Also I advice to use either Eruption or Mines on T1. Eruption is mainly used to nuke flyers or buildings and mines just clear waves of enemies or you double/tripple mine to kill harder enemies. For T4 the Batariel (purple) is more usefull than the red one since he debuffs enemies to take more damage from all your units. (and you get 4 purple for the price of 1 red) Greetings Prajoss
  7. A month is nothing, the health and your other activities are more important. Get college done and get some rest
  8. That is easy to answer: I had so much fun using them (specially to punish assholes and kick them out of the game for builing others - like orb stealing etc.)
  9. Awesome, waiting for years for this game to be alive again Big thanks for never giving up this project. You are Awesome !!
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