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  1. oh my bad, didnt read correctly. Yeah I guess if you start late with the challenge the common cards get very rare. I just checked the prices, so if you have to buy every card 1 time you have to pay about 250 bfp, thats what you get daily for playing 45 minutes not counting the quests. That means the entry is very cheap and I guess you can always ask here if someone of the players can sponsor you 🙂
  2. If you are a veteran you should be able to invest a few bfp in some commons, also you don't need to fully charge the cards, just 1 copy of each card is more than enough..
  3. my first time clear on expert pure frost was 45 min cause of some hickups 😄
  4. The effect itself is pretty good, just increase the range by 5-10m and it will be really good
  5. Feedback on the proposed changes Blight: Increase timer for the first wave by 30-60 seconds. The amount of restarts is so high because only 1 of 4 has to fail (unless you wanna continue to play with 2 players)and this just makes you not touch this map without a premade team. This is an easier fix then balance the camps for each position since they have a different difficulty depending on what you start with on orb 1. Convoy: seems good. make the stoneskin warriors immune to nightguard swap since you have more time? there are other issues but nothing that needs immediate attention now
  6. Well as a Pure Fire PVE specialist (though not known to community) here are some advices. Fire struggles the most on T2. On T1 you have Nomads, Mines, Supress/Sunstriders, Firesworn, etc -> heavy options to clear any content. But T2 is a bit different since you dont get L Units or any Unit that can take some damage and you lack CC or Healing. To counter this you should use the Legendaries to do this stuff. Rogan is a solid option here, he is quite tanky, can disable 3 units for 15 seconds and buffs your dmg by 25%. Viridya has solid overtime healing and can spawn units to tank some dmg. Moo
  7. A month is nothing, the health and your other activities are more important. Get college done and get some rest
  8. That is easy to answer: I had so much fun using them (specially to punish assholes and kick them out of the game for builing others - like orb stealing etc.)
  9. Awesome, waiting for years for this game to be alive again Big thanks for never giving up this project. You are Awesome !!
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