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  1. DESCRIPTION: On blight exp every player cleared t2 as soon as i tried to build a power build the game crashed. When i restarted the game i was told all players crashed. REPRODUCIBILITY: Never happened before so I did not try to repruduce it. Additionally it was my 4th crash this day(mostly dc) I was not in the mood for more. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: LOG: crashdata.mdmp _log_proxy_0.zip (sorry had to zip the log, it was bigger than allowed and yes i restarted the game once) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: cant provide more information.
  2. Mine is Rifle Cultists as well because i was a free player and used them alot in the beginning until a friend gave me some better cards and i started to trade a bit. You could made a lot of damage with their abilty. I LOVED it, sneaking to the enemy and then from pretty far away boom.
  3. I guess it would be good if that is mentioned in the first post as well. @InsaneHawk
  4. Wow this went far away from the topic. We all went off topic, yes. I do not really understand your suggestion. It more sounds like you want to discuss the starting cards which was a diffrent thread, this one here or what the daily quest/reward would be, click here. To make it short we will all start with the same cards, the old starter deck if i remember correctly. The daily reward is needed because that will be the way BFP will be gained to buy boosters. And to choose in advance which card your reward will be sounds boring. To 1.) you wont have all cards from the beginning. To 2.) And why do you think there is a special programm needed? When i was a noob i was frequently in teams with better players who helped me finished missions when i was not able to do it because i played on hard e.g., because you usually opened or joined a group for the map you wanted to play. I guess it won't be diffrent. To 3.) I can't remember what the decision was and couldn't find it, if the starting deck would already have 3 more copies of the cards to avoid multiaccounting. To 4.) It already is. To 5.+6.) After you have chosen cards will they be unlocked by playing time or just time? And why you want new players to play less?
  5. Wasn't the reward depending on the difficulty of the map and 10-50 Gold? And the upgarde cost were depending on the rarity of the card. If i remember correctly the costs for rare cards were like 100 250 and 500 gold or something like that? And you also were rewarded with Gold if you already had an upgrade from an PvE map and you got it again.
  6. Well actually there were 3 currency. 1. BFP to buy cards, 2. Gold the fee to upgrade a card and 3. the tokens which you could use to buy upgrades (if you were too unlucky to get the upgrades as reward from maps which you needed). The 3rd doesn't really count and wasn't mentioned so far and is not important. Gold is actually only needed to upgrade and for nothing else if i remember correctly and later in the game you had ALOT of gold and didnt need it so yeah you can reduce the amount of currency to one. Probably Gold would be the only one left. But then you have to delete all gold chests from maps otherwise you will have a 2nd opportunity to farm currency and that could boost the progress too much and this has to be balance again. And i actually like the benefit with the 2 currencies so i can collect and upgrade all cards more easily without paying too much. And to the off topic progess: playing time will give you additional BFP but at a lower rate than the daily quests as already mentioned i guess. To give a higher reward to people who play alot the amount of daily quests can be easily increased so they have a higher reward but not too high as the main daily quests which should give the highest part of the reward so player have a progess without playing too much but still uber active players get enough. For example: a pack costs 150 BFP and the main Daily quests could be like: Play a PvP Match and a PvE map and a rPvE match. Each gives you 50 BFP so you can buy 1 Pack a day (might be enough or not its just an example). The next reward level might be play 2 More PvP, PvE and rPvE matches and you will get additional 50 BFP so you can buy another Pack. Not directly proportional and no idea if its even close to the actual suggestions because i do not remember that i have read anything about it and it was just an example which should show how the progress imo could be. And no idea how high the reward of playing time could be. Maybe 75 BFP a day at this rates: 1. Hour = 30 BFP; 2. Hour = 20 BFP; 4. Hour = 15 BFP and 6. Hour = 10 BFP. And 6 hours are alot and if you are super active you can buy 5 Packs within 2 days and 2 2/3 within 2 days if you just play for 2h a day for the main rewards.
  7. I actually don't get the point why one currency should be gone. The split is important IMO because the important one, BFP, can't be grinded on the same level all day like gold. I've read that you might get a BFP reward with playing time but it should not be too high so the gap between the diffrent player types isn't too high. And if only one currency is left, the upgrading system would be too expesive and you have to balance it even more, which means alot more work to see how much gold may be in a chest, how much gold may you receive per daily rewards compared to booster pack prices and so on. Splitting it is way easier to control both currency. And tbh your arguments pro 1 currency was too dunno... not just because your number examples doesn't fit at all. And you get this one wrong: It doesn't mean they don't want you to play but slow down the daily progess.
  8. Guys, we will play open beta first. If there will be any unbalanced things they will be fixed. And just one player being uber lucky and pulling alot of rare and promo cards? There is a possibility but come on. You'd probably have a better chance to hit the jackpot in any lottery.
  9. I liked Kane & Lynch 1+2 but i have never played them in co-op. Could be fun, no idea tbh.
  10. Havent there been an option to disenchant upgrades into the rPvE currency so you could buy other upgrades? So there have already been a solution but for upgrades so why not one for cards too? Even if it's just gold better than nothing.
  11. Im missing Splinter Cell games like Conviction, just because of the gameplay. i love to sneak around without being noticed and so on. I liked Magicka its a pretty funny game, but it's not a "true" coop game. But i guess MMOs dont count for you as well? Otherwise i love DCUO. The fighting system is great with abilities and combos to attack and im a DC nerd so a perfect game for me. Warframes is nice too and free to play not a big story to play tho because its more grinding, but a few quests which are the story are great.
  12. Thx alot everyone for this memes. Made me laugh alot and makes it alot easier to wait.
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