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[Important] Open Beta Delayed

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Hello Skylords, So now, let's talk about what we're going to do after all you will have to wait a bit longer, and please forgive us for this delay. We have decided on a few things: Ev

Sorry, people

@Fotti "I've been in the shoes of those developers, working so hard to revive our favorite game." - Proof or didn't happen "I actually don't believe that those devs are able to pull this stu

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On 23.2.2018 at 8:07 PM, superoops said:

Rushed projects never turn out well im glad you are taking your time and working on it when you can focus on it. The Skylords will rise again thanks to you, don't sweat anything. Good to see an old game coming back to life even when a big named company deemed it to be put down.

^this! 5000% agreed! EA Games fuck up everything! that should be their slogan. ;D they gave up on a brilliant game just 'cause it was not making enough money.. well these guys are showing us that money can't buy the best games that are or were out there! thanks again for dedicating your time and effort and for reviving this cool game concept and who knows maybe you guys will even invent a sequel some day! anyhow much support from Finland and i'll hope to see you in the battlefields! =)

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Battleforge was my life so I gut really sad when it was down so sad that I gut so bad in school then when I heard that some people is making it again I gut so happy and in School I do really good know so ty so much to this people ty so much:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


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