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  1. I think I've experienced this: After a match (which I was the leader for) I create another match with the same team - but the team members do not see the any new lobby. As soon as I hit "back" or leave the team to start over the connection to the server gets lost. Not sure if this issue is somehow tied to the same bug as mentioned above.
  2. Same here. Also, I get the message "you joined [battlegrounds/whatever campaign] 0" - but can't join any lobby.
  3. Yes, it's in the top post of this thread: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/3182-open-beta-information/ It says:" Advertising We are currently talking with streamers and a website in order to let the world know about this project. We however currently have no advertising budget. Players can make videos or stream Open Beta if they wish. All we ask of streamers is that they inform viewers that the game is currently in an Open Beta stage that will be reset at the end along with it possibly containing bugs and crashes along with other issues and that a link to our Foru
  4. Can't wait to read the announcement that we can actually play this game again. Thanks for the great work and making so many people happy.
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