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  1. GoBBLeS

    client error

    I get the same error. I haven't logged in for a while, so I thought that there were a new launcher, but it doesn't seem so. I've got the patcher v0.5.
  2. GoBBLeS

    GPU workload

    I would imagine that the game is just running as many frames per second that the card can crank out, it doesn't really matter that it's an old game. If you want to limit the usage of your card, you can enable v-sync, so it doesn't run any more frames than is supported by your monitor, or you can limit it by some third party application.
  3. GoBBLeS

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Don't be. Shit happens, and bugs certainly do. Please just take care of yourself and your exams, we can wait -I certainly can. That, of course, goes for the other guys too ;)
  4. GoBBLeS

    Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    I didn't spend any money, as I only got the game after EA seemed to have abandoned the it.
  5. GoBBLeS

    Where are you from?

    Danish dude, checking in.... from Denmark
  6. GoBBLeS

    What makes BF so great?

    I loved that it was sort of an "action" version of RTS's where you don't have to spend a big part of the game building your base, and the building phase itself was cut out, meaning you only have to built up your "resources" and instantly "build" your units. The second was PvE, and not just the player Vs an enemy, but with actual objectives to accomplish. Oh I forgot all the cards, and units/spells to collect and deck to manage. I've never been a card player or Magic player or anything, but this way, where your cards actually have a unit or spell you can use "for real", that i like
  7. GoBBLeS

    Level Editor

    YAY! This is getting better and better Thx for the responds...
  8. GoBBLeS

    I Love PVE :)

    Me too. COOP is what I like the best. I just loved that aspect of the game... Sadly it never got expanded upon.
  9. GoBBLeS

    Level Editor

    hmm I never new about this! Does that mean that you could, theoretically, make new PvE maps with objectives and such? The reason I'm asking, is that I always found the campaign maps the most entertaining and I never really got into the game, beyond completing the campaign, because EA didn't expand the game with more maps and had no intention to.

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