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  1. GoBBLeS

    client error

    I get the same error. I haven't logged in for a while, so I thought that there were a new launcher, but it doesn't seem so. I've got the patcher v0.5.
  2. GoBBLeS

    GPU workload

    I would imagine that the game is just running as many frames per second that the card can crank out, it doesn't really matter that it's an old game. If you want to limit the usage of your card, you can enable v-sync, so it doesn't run any more frames than is supported by your monitor, or you can limit it by some third party application.
  3. Don't be. Shit happens, and bugs certainly do. Please just take care of yourself and your exams, we can wait -I certainly can. That, of course, goes for the other guys too ;)
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