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Patch #400046 - 27 April 2024


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Patch #400046 - Stone Turtle

Welcome to our newest patch. This update contains our eleventh balance patch for the game, a brand-new card, a new booster type, and our new map of the day feature!

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Patch Preview

  • One new card is now available! Jump in-game to collect Bedrock.
  • Added Map of the Day! A multiplayer map will be chosen at random each day and highlighted on the map. Play it to receive extra rewards.
  • The new Rebirth Booster is now available. Earn it by completing the Map of the Day and through events. 
  • A few balance changes to underperforming Twilight cards as well as a bugfix to a longstanding bug with heal stacking.
  • A batch of quality of life changes requested by the community.

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General Changes

  • Added an indicator for if a random PvE lobby is for the Map of the Month.
  • The Marketplace no longer resets the page on purchase. This should allow players to purchase multiple cards without having to repeatedly scroll back to the same page. 
  • Boosters now stack in the booster inventory screen.
  • Replays are now searchable and sortable. Players can also now see the played cards of all players in a replay.
  • Dates & Times now are displayed in the player time zone using their operating system format.
  • Deck name length increased from 16 to 30. This will allow players to better label their decks. The actual visible deck name is dependent on what resolution a person uses when playing the game.
  • Free PvP deck cloning has been massively improved. If a player has a fully upgraded and charged copy of the card in their collection from the Free PvP deck, that card will now replace the free version of the card in the deck whenever the player clones a Free PvP deck. 
  • Players can now export their in-game collection to the Skylords Marketplace Journal (SMJ) by using the chat command /exportcollection in-game. Once exported to SMJ, players can see their progress in terms of their total collection and check which of their cards are the most valuable to sell and which are cheap to buy in order to complete their collection.
  • Removed generated maps from PvP daily quests. Additionally, the "win sparring match" on a specific PvP map quest has been changed from "win" to "play". This will allow players to finish the quest even if on a losing streak. 

General Fixes

  • Implemented a fix for when sometimes swapping the player portrait with a card results in an error.
  • Daily quests are now properly ordered with the most recently received quest at the top.
  • Improved the descriptive text for the import deck tutorial mission.
  • Added dates to PvE leaderboard entries.
  • The text wrapping when displaying a lobby's rPvE difficulty has been fixed.  
  • Fixed spectators counting for achievements, specifically PvP achievements.
  • Fixed match statistics having an incorrect count for maps with spectators. A script will be run to correct the information in player profiles.

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New Cards

Bedrock - 280p T4 Stonekin Unit natureOrb.pngnatureOrb.pngfrostOrb.pngfrostOrb.png
You will find the upgrades for this card on the map "King of the Giants".

Bedrock.pngWhen thinking about Stonekin's design, we determined that more buildings interactions fit well with the faction. More specifically, we thought that a building-based archetype was the natural expansion for a faction of living stones. Last patch, we released Tectonic Shift, and this patch we are adding Bedrock. Bedrock is a T4 ranged unit capable of spawning a Stone Launcher and casting an AoE shield that protects buildings in range. For more information, check out Community Update - October 2023.


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Map of the Day

In our last major patch, we reworked campaign map rewards. A major driving force behind this change, beyond equalizing rewards between the random and campaign PvE modes, was to allow for more flexibility in the reward structure. This flexibility will allow us to create new systems which interact with campaign maps going forward. The first of these new systems is the Map of the Day (MotD) feature. The details for the MotD can be found below. We hope that by introducing this feature, and for rewarding players for regularly interacting with it, it will become as easy for players to find lobbies for campaign maps as it is for random PvE matches. We want players to be able to play the game mode they want, and to not be forced into a mode because of an imbalance in rewards or available lobbies.

[ Map of the Day Features ]

  • Each day, a new multiplayer map is chosen and highlighted on the world map via a flame identical to the flame used for PvP Happy Hours.
  • Players who win the Map of the Day, on any difficulty, receive an additional choice of upgrade on the post-game reward screen. If the MotD is a 12p map, players will instead receive an additional 1200 gold for completing the map on advanced, and an additional 2400 gold for completing it on expert difficulty.
  • A new achievement "Feel the Burn" has been added. For each day that a player completes the Map of the Day, they will receive 50 bfp. On every 10th completion, they will additionally receive a Rebirth Booster. Rebirth Boosters contain 3 cards, all from the Rebirth Edition (cards released by the Skylords Reborn team), with a substantially increased chance of producing an Ultra-rare card.

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[ Random PvE Achievement Changes ]

We have made a few changes to the names and structure of the main random PvE achievements. The new structure of the achievements and their rewards are listed below. Note that people who previously completed the random PvE 10 achievement (now expert+) will already receive credit for having completed "Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire." We have made this change to encourage people to play the new expert difficulty level, but without feeling forced to try and complete expert+ to get the booster reward.

The Road Not Taken [3 general boosters]
Win rPvE Advanced++ or higher [20 matches]

Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire [6 boosters]
Win rPvE Expert or higher [20 matches] - Locked until PvE rank 5 (Silver 1)

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here [Avatar: Demon Skull & Avatar: Hell Fire; Title: Hell Diver] 
Win rPvE Expert+ [10 matches & 20 matches] - Locked until PvE rank 10 (Gold 2)

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Card Balance Changes

[ Global Balance Changes ]

All healing and rejuvenation effects now stack: 

  • Regardless of whether they are local, global, percentage, or flat, all healing effects now stack with each other. No longer will Fountain of Rebirth overwrite Wheel of Gift's healing effect.

[ Twilight Changes ]

Twilight_Brute.png Twilight Brute:
1. Gifted Burstout (g):
   A. Max Targets: 4 ➜ 7
   B. Damage application: Damages hostile or friendly units ➜ hostile units
   C. Ability cast range: 15m ➜ 25m
2. Infused Burstout (r):
   A. Damage: 400, up to 1600 ➜ 400, up to 2800
   B. Increase damage to buildings: 400 per target ➜ 600 per target
   C. Damage application: Damages hostile or friendly entities ➜ hostile entities
   D. Ability cast range: 15m ➜ 25m

Twilight Brute has an interesting ability that seems tailored fit for giving Twilight a new strategy in T2 PvE. While the ability itself is well-designed, its current strength holds it back. We are increasing the ability cast range to allow it to be used deeper into enemy encampments, increasing the total targets from 4 to 7, and removing the ally damage. We hope with these changes we help to create a new strategy where the player can run some Brutes into a camp and, along with Fire's damage spells, create a cascading explosion effect similar to how Evil Eye plays in T4.  

Twilight_Creeper.png Twilight Creeper:
1. Life points: 1700 ➜ 1880
2. Infused Spit debuff strength: 40% ➜ 50%
3. Tainted Spit debuff strength: 30% ➜ 40%

Twilight Creeper is well designed but it currently has low stat efficiency for a T3 L-sized melee unit. We are giving it some more life points and boosting its primary strength through the spit effect.

Twilight_Hag.png Twilight Hag:
1. Damage: 75 damage, up to 153 in total ➜ 124, up to 186 in total (1030 dp20)
2. Life Points: 850 ➜ 1030 life points
3. Damage Counter: L-counter ➜ M-counter
4. Ability name change: Femme Fatale ➜ Enrapture
   A. Cooldown: 60 seconds ➜ 40 seconds
   B. No longer affects Male/Female. Negative effect now affects all enemies and positive effect all allies.

Twilight Hag is one of those cards which is fearsome to face in the lower tiers in PvE, but which as a player card is a wet noodle. We have sent her to the gym, and she has come back with an over 20% increase in both her damage and health stats. Alongside the stat increase, which is more than it might first appear because she had an unusually low single-target damage value previously, we are shifting her damage counter to M. The new M-counter plus her pre-existing small and medium knockback should make her feel powerful against smaller unit sizes. Besides low stats, Hag also suffers from a highly niche ability. The player cannot control the gender of their enemies, and it is not clear what units have what genders anyway (did you know Necrofury is a woman?). In general, we think these male/female mechanics just do not fit in Skylords Reborn, and in this particular case, they are holding back Twilight Hag from potentially becoming a potent crowd control unit similar to Timeless One. Therefore, we are removing the male/female interaction while also shaving 20 seconds off the ability cooldown. 

[ Minor Card Changes ]

 Wheel of Gifts:

1. The same gifts can no longer be activated while another instance of that gift is already starting up.

[ NPC Changes ]

  • Added several new NPC units: Bandit Bloodhorn, Bandit Wasteland Terror, Snapjaws, Overlord, and Lost Grigori. These units are now available for use by community and official mapmakers. 

Lost_Spirit_Ship.png Lost Spirit Ship (NPC):
1. Removed the suicide ability.
2. Now spawns a Crystal similar to the player version on reaching the previous corpse threshold for suiciding.
   A. Crystal damages enemy units for 300 damage every second, up to 900 in total in a 15m radius.
   B. Cooldown: 30 seconds
   C. Duration: 10 seconds

The existing implementation of Lost Spirit Ship in PvE, while conceptually interesting and a good template for future suicidal units, simply does not work with a T4 XL-sized ranged unit. By changing NPC LSS to spawn a crystal instead, we give it a general usefulness that will open up the possibility of adding the unit to future maps and as a regular part of Lost Souls' rPvE repertoire. 

Lost_Converter.png Lost Converter (NPC):
1. Spell debuff: 20% less damage ➜ 30% less damage
2. Corpse collection radius: 25m ➜ 40m
3. Poison application radius: 25m ➜ 30m
3. Poison damage per tick: 25 (same as before)
4. Poison damage tick speed: 2s ➜ 1s
5. Corpse cost on enemy entry: 300 ➜ 50
6. Corpse cost per damage tick: 0 ➜ 25

In simpler terms: Lost Converter's poison effect now has normal ranged range (30m), deals double the damage it currently does, and has an increased debuff strength. The corpse collection range has also been increased to 40m, meaning that the building should begin poisoning the player sooner. This will slightly increase the strength of camps with a Lost Converter as the building should now do something.

Community Splitter.png


  •  Fixed the 12 player rankings tab crashing upon opening it.
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  • Zyna pinned and featured this topic

I just used Twilight Creeper purple and man, what a difference. Not only is the unit tougher but enemy swarms just melt when combined with some spells or supporting units. I haven't had the chance to try out Twilight Hag yet.

Love the update and the QoL changes. Many thanks to the entire Skylords Reborn team for all their amazing work! Thank you so much!


EDIT: The new Bedrock card looks amazing. Both in terms of design and playstyle it totally fits with the game. The Skylords Reborn team have outdone themselves!


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29 April 2024


  • Fix postgame window sometimes showing as loss even when winning.
  • Fix postgame window sometimes missing rewards.
  • Fix postgame gold tab error.
  • Fix players being stuck not being able to join lobbies.
  • Fix crash upon opening 12 player rankings tab.
  • Fix wrong date on rankings.
  • Fix some replays crashing the game.
  • Fix free PvP deck clone error when pressing enter.
  • Fix empty 2 player rankings.
  • Add new filter "Cards" to replay UI, to search played cards.


02 May 2024


  • Fix occasional crash on match end for 4 players map.
  • Fix error message when disenchanting rewards too quickly.
  • Fix Burrow Ritual (G) crashing the game.
  • Fix Phalanx mode change crashing the game.
  • Fix non-human players appearing on replays player list.


05 May 2024


  • Fix achievement Outsourced Content not progressing.


09 May 2024


  • Fix mails not being received after getting new mail notification.


11 May 2024


  • Fix complete all campaign maps achievement not properly completing. Progress will be corrected on next map completion.
  • Fix some replays causing UI errors.
  • Improve replay sort and filter performance.
  • Add ability to navigate replay list by pressing or holding the up and down arrows.
  • Add Rebirth and Mini boosters information on Marketplace.


23 May 2024


  • Disabled the "/exportcollection" command and the replay open explorer features while some issues are investigated.

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15 hours ago, ArtyParty said:

i came here for a booster code, stayed for the turtle 😄


pls gib loot

maybe today

Glad you are enjoying our favourite turtle!

Easy likes this
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  • 3 weeks later...

Is Feel The Burns achievement have to be play on Expert difficulty by default to get the rewards? Beacause I feel like the description of "Expert or higher difficulty" sentence suggested that could mean other players will get different description like "Standard/Advanced or higher difficulty".  And by the way, what made the daily quest that required you to complete a certain map changed from required Advanced to Expert? I used to think that if you complete all map under Expert difficulty that made the difficulty of your daily quest of completed a campaign from Standard/Advanced to Expert.

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