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  1. Alpha Testers + Staff Photoshoot :P


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    2. RayG


      Fellas i am Forest Elder all the way, the little wolfy is mine


      @bobfrog With all the ice we might start calling you the King in the North :P                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ( Hyped with the game of thrones hihihihi)

    3. Ultrakool


      @RayG Dawn is already Forrest elder. I think I will take @Kaliber84's suggestion and represent you with a death ray ok?

    4. RayG


      @Ultrakool Nah i am nature all the way,, Giant Wyrm will be my second choice

  2. Official stream tomorrow at 15:00 German time! Who's gonna be there? :hype: 

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    2. Khazad


      what u say in the stream? i can't watch that because my grandma :(

    3. anonyme0273


      https://www.twitch.tv/battleforgereborn/v/71831297 & https://www.twitch.tv/battleforgereborn/v/71831400 - here are two direct links to the Stream

      It was split up because of a technical issue, but it's complete

    4. Khazad


      i found the stream, but i dont know which is the first, second etc...

  3. @Eirias hey there I got a theory and I wanted to run it by you to see if it made sense... So for every 50 VP you get, you get 1 more vp converted to UP per two seconds does it mean that whenever you acrue a disadvantage in power, that disadvantage will last for 100 seconds?


    Does it actually mattar then what your VP power level is and will that affect the time the disadvantage lasts?

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    2. Kaliber84


      Sure it's 57% after 100 seconds? It seems like you get power back way faster...

      I'd say that the main advantage for VP over bound power is that while it trifles in slow you can use it more flexible as you haven't yet decided what to spend it on. That also counts for something.

    3. Ultrakool


      VP over usable power you mean? And yeah not really 57%  after 100 seconds it's more like 50% after 60 seconds due to rounding up/down

    4. Eirias


      @Kaliber84 You can check the graph for exact numbers (don't have it in front of me), but the graph is exponential, so it takes less time to go from 0% to 20% than 20% to 40%, which is less time than 40% to 60%, etc. Also that 57% is based off of the original number. So if you start with wasting 100 power (90 to the void), you will have 57 power back after 100 seconds.

  4. Next BattleForge PvP Replaycast Stream on tuesday 3.5.16 at www.twitch.tv/battleforgecom 10pm CEST come hang out with @Eirias and @Yabro0

    1. Skytrias


      awesome thanks for letting us know :)

  5. Check out Yabro0 and his epic t1 skillz


    1. YaBro0


      I hope that your not being sarcastic, because if yes my T1 will crush you!!! :kaboom:

    2. Ultrakool



      Of course not ;)

  6. Taking a vacation tmr til the 3.4.2016 Take care of the forum while im gone guys ;)

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    2. Dallarian


      Shalade, you stupid or what?

      If Ultrakool die somewhere away ... you wont take his soul!

    3. anonyme0273
    4. Ultrakool


      Thanks everyone ^^ @Shalade :kappa: 

  7. We hit 500 Subscribers on our BFReborn Community channel not too long ago. Enjoy this special video I made for you guys to celebrate the occasion. Keep the :hype: up we are really close to playing this game we all  love again! Peace Out!




    1. Pupsik


      Great plot and story, as for me :mo:

      I'll replay them again and again, and so on to infinity :moon:

    2. ikke2902
    3. Shalade







  8. All hail the dark side >: D



    1. anonyme0273


      Yes... YES!!! Come, my dark children!!

  9. 100 Followers :hype: 


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    2. Eirias


      Why would anyone follow you? They would have to be insane to get dozens of notifications from all of your posts :)

    3. Ultrakool


      The follow system itself is kinda strange, you only get email notifications from them I think.... Which is worse.

    4. Ladadoos


      If you get email notifications, I am sorry for those who started following me ages ago and haven't been active...

  10. Ikke's Guest commentary of his Insane God Expert speedrun up on youtube! :hype::hype: 

    Higher quality is coming. YouTube always take their time with that, probably within 30 minutes from now.

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    2. anonyme0273


      You know how to appease me... <3

    3. ikke2902


      @Ladadoos Almost forgot to reply to you. Unfortunately this is the only replay I have D:

      The other one is trying something without succes.


    4. anonyme0273


      Pitty you don't have more, this was a good one :)


  11. Check out Eirias' newest PvP Replaycasts and more from the Community BFR Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/BFRebornCommunity

  12. Interesting BF Fact #1

    Did you know:

    this was the original text of aura of corruption?

    "Mischievous Aura - requires 4 seconds to create a destructive aura with a 30 metres radius where cards played will be rejected. Each rejected card deals five times their Power Cost multiplied byt the number of required Orbs as damage to enemy and friendly units. Lasts for 40 seconds. Reusable after 40 seconds."


    I say we nerf it right back to where it belong :kappa: 

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    2. Ladadoos


      That description though... I definitely rate 8/8.

    3. Azta


      I knew by watching replays that AOC is strong. I wouldn't mind it's power, but lasts for 40 sec, reusable every 40 sec?

      Now thats the bs part, it lasts way too long. If you are shadow - nature or shadow - frost, combined with a CC chain you can kill a whole army with it.. this is stupid. It also can give a good map control for 40 seconds.

      Nerf :kappa:

    4. Ultrakool


      Well the downside is it takes some time to build up, if you move away the second the aura starts or a little later it's very possible that all or at least most of your army won't be hit by the aura as well.

      *at all

  13. New videos coming up on the community channel on friday(4.12.15) ^^


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    2. Ultrakool
    3. EranShoval


      Nothing there were ghosts everywhere! And they spread their ecto-plasma:kappa:

    4. Ladadoos


      That's like the most random thing that I have seen today... O.o 

  14. Check out our Youtube Playlists, where most(If not all) of content posted since the alpha has been organized, including the Streams, Tournaments(in the forge), new PVP replaycasts! https://www.youtube.com/c/BFRebornCommunity/playlists

  15. Lagops came out of retirement! :kappa: Check out his latest Replaycast here:


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    2. LagOps


      i didn't know i was in retirement :D

    3. Azta


      Kappa retirement.

    4. SilenceKiller99


      13:22 Bloodhorn OP

  16. Help us pick out a name for Com YT channel!  http://bit.ly/1l7OuRZ

    1. ImaginaryNumb3r


      thank you <3

      Tortugun FTW ^^

  17. Today is a sad day :(

    Let us all take this moment and lament the anniversary of the massacre of the game we all love. And hope something comes to cheer us up.


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    2. DarcReaver


      sad day in history. Let's hope a _real_ f2p system will revive it.

    3. Azta
    4. DarcReaver


      You simply met me in a very strange stage of my life...

  18. whAt AnImAL Is thAt On yOUr cOvEr phOtOOOO sOOO cUtEEE And cUdLyyy!!!!1

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    2. Kiwi


      It's an Oriental Short Clawed Otter.

    3. Harvester Life

      Harvester Life

      I think that was a running kiwi xD

    4. Kiwi


      We Kiwi's do not run we scurry around and look adorable while doing so... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u41piMT5q3w

  19. 2 Year Anniversary of BF Shutdown incoming :( What could possibly cheer us up? Hmmmmm

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    2. Eirias


      What happened to your avatar...

    3. Ultrakool


      Stonekin Dragon incoming.

    4. Eddio


      Has it already been 2 years since I last played battleforge ?!  :(

  20. Latest Alpha Features Stream reuploaded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMFtymt9Axg&feature=youtu.be

    1. Ladadoos


      Yay! Enjoy it people :bf: !

    2. Strek0za


      Liked it. The best part was when you all had fun.

  21. We're terribly sorry, but the most recent Alpha Stream has been taken down from Twitch and Youtube pending legal issues from the BattleforgeReborn Team. There were certain regulations that we have broken. However, We're working as hard as we can to tend to those issues to reupload them on YouTube. Unfortunately, they will most likely not reappear on Twitch until a possible rebroadcast.


    The Official Unofficial BFReborn Community Team

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    2. Ultrakool


      Nope, we've been given a warning and only the latest video is affected.

    3. Chimerae


      Phew that's good to knwo :)

    4. Ultrakool


      ETA for the Stream Reupload is Today or tomorrow 

  22. Next SOS TOdAy! (Stream on Sunday) at 18:30(CEST) Tune in! on www.twitch.tv/battleforgecom

  23. Next SOS tomorrow (Stream on Sunday) at least 15:00(CEST) or later on www.twitch.tv/battleforgecom . Me, Ladadoos, Anonyme0273 will be streaming! And maybe others as well! Dont miss it!

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    2. Thug Life

      Thug Life

      What a pity i have a barbecue at that time D:


    3. Ultrakool


      There will be a VOD on YouTube! Don't worry!

    4. Devilwarrior1699
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