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  1. yo heres my cover of "A Light of Winter" from the BF OST 


  2. np i know my voice is not the best. quality wise my setup is alright ^^
  3. would be interested to know if creations before the announcement count EDIT: at the same time i think it wouldnt be right for me to win, since the lyrics were made by you. i didnt even do the instrumental i think i will do covers of old songs, or just orchestral music that is based on BFs music
  4. we are just humans, theres nothing to feel ashamed off with singing. happens to many people tho, like my friend didnt trust himself in rapping infront of me.
  5. go ahead i or the others can record something again
  6. Oooh i havent seen the updated text then sorry anyway heres the new recording https://clyp.it/jhmtnbxc?token=b785025082fa4a26d146e9a5671695de i think you could record yourself either Eirias if it sounds ok with my more higher voice
  7. LUL the parody from Eirias made a lot of fun to record :D check it out in the OffTopic

    1. Ultrakool


      The music track overshadows your voice I can't hear what your singing/saying.

    2. Skytrias


      ok the voice is now louder in the updated version, and with the new text that i didnt see before.

      the thing is that theres so much going on in the instrumental, that i would actually have to cut some frequencies away to make place for the voice.

    3. Ultrakool


      same link?

      found it i guess ill link it here for others https://clyp.it/jhmtnbxc?token=b785025082fa4a26d146e9a5671695de

  8. Okay i recorded for an hour, and the recording was the best i got. i have a shitty voice for this tho. Just as an example that how it could sounds, and maybe where to improve with the text. Especially at the end i always messed up because the text didnt feel right. look what you have done eirias (Clyp links because of 3.91MB max upload.) Hopefully theyre not getting hit by copyright, otherwise tell me (Soundcloud detected copyright when i tried there) https://clyp.it/mz02lxw4?token=6077aa0000fdb379c315b5b913d9b958 and as a funny addition,
  9. wow the video got taken down... i couldnt get to download it, did someone else download it beforehand? otherwhise ill choose a karaoke version i think Edit: what about thise one? sounds very close to the last one
  10. can do so if i find the time. Do you prefer any tempo? something like 90bpm maybe?
  11. can do. but for a sense of rythm, it would be good to hear how you would sing/rap the first lines do you want it rather slow or fast ... but then again everyone has their own understanding of fast and slow in music but yeah i could do all the backround if someone would record the vocals
  12. i can do something with those lyrics but im a terrible singer, but it would work as a show off how it could sound
  13. yo i covered the bf ost song Lord of the Sky check out the thread about it :P

    1. Equinox98x


      Coverring fire! ;) it was good bruh


    2. Skytrias


      thanks m8 

      was fun covering it, if you want me to cover another song of the OST write that in the thread :)

    3. Equinox98x
  14. Going to stream the BF Ost remix now! finally got better internet, sorry that i took so long :(

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