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  1. Skytrias

    Skylords Reborn Soundtracks

    Hey fantastic idea, been making bf covers in the past and id like to work on skylords reborn if it needs new music or custom maps would like to put in custom music - Guitar (8 years) - Music Production (4 years) I can read and write sheet music, i can record my guitar in multiple ways. I have translated some BF tracks to piano to train my ears and also covered some tracks with different instrumentation. My discord user is: Skytrias #8787 Some of my music BF Themed individually: A light of Winter (BF Ost Cover) - https://soundcloud.com/skytrias/darkness-of-winter Unfinished Theme - https://clyp.it/vk5uhzeh BF themed Lyrics made by @Eirias - https://clyp.it/hbooxdle?token=8379fb58e1f1ea8c8b2c1a796d2b9748 Unfortunally i deleted the translated tracks which i mentioned above. If anyone still has them download feel free to upload General: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/skytrias/tracks
  2. Skytrias

    Skylords Reborn Soundtracks

    to 3. with music technology right now you dont necisesarily need a live orchestra - here is an example i like to link obviously this guy is a professional and its hard to get to his level but its not impossible. things you really need are good sample libraries to imitate all instruments needed. In BF's case those where mostly brass for the heavy impact tracks and woodwinds for the more soft tracks. And not to forget good Percussion libraries
  3. Skytrias

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    i first got into touch with battleforge at the time LoL came out of beta or so. The now husband of my 1st sister recommended me BattleForge since i really enjoyed playing TGCs like YuGiOh back then. When school got harder and friends got seperated i looked around for something new to invest time in. Either LoL or BattleForge. Sadly LoL was always more important to me. I used to switch on and off of playing either of those. Starting with BF was like a dream. i enjoyed the missions and until i realised that its even Multiplayer and how enjoyable building decks and playing with those was, i got hooked on the game. I also got my cousin into BF (who was always better in BF than me :P). But oh man after i got him hooked to the game it really started to kick of with PvP. It was so much fun to just fight against each other, talk abou the game for hours and look at our replays and compare our low ranks while they were slowly rising. However there were hard times in the PvP area with a lot of balancing issues which took way too long to get fixed and we got disconnected from the game. But after some time i got us both into the game since we had such good memories about it (and obv. our accounts were still nice). We started going for more extreme variants of our decks, started exploring other types than just our primary ones, started farming like crazy, training pvp -. I loved watching replay videos from casters about pros and learn new engaging tecniques. But i noticed how the scene died out. Farrock was pretty much the only one doing professional videos about replays, and that only unconsistently either (busy from family - lovely guy tho, he even mentioned me in one of his videos) I think after that time i decided to start trying to get involved into the youtube community myself, opened up the channel SotDead91 / OffSky and yeah did up to 31 videos wow. looking back to it now i wanted to do so much more... well i was just a normal student in his teen years and that wasnt the best mix to make videos. I was never the biggest pro in BF but i just wanted to keep the community going in any way. I tried out different formats, from which the live playing was the most successful. I heard from BFR through legacy reforge i think ? or maybe just from facebook in general. Since BFR / Skylords Reborn was announced i was hyped again and told everyone that i was going to be doing videos again, and a bunch of different formats with that. Now im thinking more like probably ill do the live playing on stream and upload those on YT, and do laddering on YT from ground up etc. times have changed, hobbies have changed, now my hobby isnt as much gaming anymore but more focused on music production (i did some covers of BF songs, look em up in the forum :P). i wish i could be more active here but im just not a forum guy, since im only interested in certain topics like media. I hope Skylords Reborn is going to do much better than BF did in the sense of activity in updates, who knows maybe even brand new (community) content in the game. The hope will never die but im happy to see that so many people can gather around such a brilliant game that sadly got lost in the woods. I certainly hope that once Skylord Reborn goes online that the youtube community will see new faces since its now easier than never to post videos or livestream. peace
  4. Skytrias

    My original music ~ Behind the scenes

    orchestral music tends to go slower/faster at certain parts where tension is building up or going down. you should try stuff like that a channel that i would really recommend you and other music creators here is heres a pro working on orchestral covers and they usually sound 99% real. You can see he layers a ton of instruments for certain parts, uses a bunch of different percussion (good example are terraria covers of him that move a lot), and unperfection (notes start playing slightly after each other, making it sound more realistic) imo i think you gotta decide what you want the song to sound like. Epic music that is building up and hype like Lods of the Sky from BF? huge climaxes and lots of percussion Vibe music like A Light of Winter from BF? lots of shifting parts with instruments, also building up but starting rather slower your song sounds evil, has a theme its going for but doesnt really progress. lots of lower instruments and higher instruments playing rather low notes. not much percussion, some long pauses, your high EQ spectrum is pretty much empty keep on making music! you should definitely check out some Digital Audio Workstations if you wanna go for more realistic instruments ( i recommend "East West" Libraries, which covers a lot of orchestral stuff) to get your stuff over the top. or maybe you can link up VST plugins to musescore2 ? dunno gotta research EDIT: man i mean wtf how good some of his covers are: sadly he doesnt always show the projects or records everything
  5. Skytrias

    [ Music ] Darkness of Winter by Skytrias

    will do more stuff like this on the other tracks
  6. Yo skylords! This time ive actually finished a decent cover of a BF song! It took me 7 hours to make and im really happy with the result. Downloads are enabled, so you can get the song if you want Tell me what you think about the song/cover, are you interested in hearing more of these kinds? PS: i hope thisll still count for the upcomming competition, if theres a music category
  7. Skytrias

    Unfinished Song for the music challenge

    nah i dont wanna get stuff solely for purposes that my daw can easily do aswell, i just gotta try more. Thats like people getting expensive EQ and other mixing & mastering plugins cuz they hope it will help their mixes.
  8. Skytrias

    Unfinished Song for the music challenge

    just listened to it, sounds nice and mysterious. kinda getting a dark banjo kazooie vibe of it lol although i think the instruments sound not as realistic (just like mine here). there are some really good sound libraries for kontakt that are really realistic, stuff that orchestra composers use. but its pretty expensive yeah i know of the incoming contest, might wanna start working on a track earlier this time that was my goal glad you like it dont know that song, thanks tho
  9. Skytrias

    Unfinished Song for the music challenge

    nah sorry i only heard the winners entry. probably will listen to your one too tho i meant it more as, if you can already make music in musescore, you wouldnt need the tecnical side of it. you know, creating sounds and such. im not able at all to make compositions in programs like musecore ( not even really good compositions on guitar ). thats kinda been my struggle, but ive been trying to compopse on guitar for a long time now... some day man
  10. Skytrias

    Unfinished Song for the music challenge

    oh cool! i wanted to study guitar aswell, but decided against it. i felt like i wasnt doing good enough and i wasnt interested in playing classical music... yeah musescore also works with midi files, but the midi files i got uploaded arent always perfect on the grid. Writing these down in midi really helps tho! makes my kind of understand the logic behind the composition. Fl studio is actually considered one of the easiest to learn DAWs. looks like youre doing fine without it tho
  11. Skytrias

    Unfinished Song for the music challenge

    oh i use fl studio 12 to make music. I dont know if you have seen my other posts, but ive actually rewritten the whole theme on piano and posted them in the forums as a midi file, for everyone to download yeah they are just soundfonts, so no high quality sax i actually had another version of this in a more electronic style, but that wasnt really good xD yeah since the competition is over i just didnt want to delete my attempt at a song i might cover a song from the BattleForge theme again and put my own unique style into it. lets see
  12. Hey skylords, just wanted to drop this unfinished song that i wanted to compete with in the challenge. Kind of got uninspired tho, so here it is! its based around the orginal track everyone should know, a little less harsh and more chill based. hope it can make a smile on your face https://clyp.it/vk5uhzeh downloads are activated if anyone wants it PS: Oh if anyone from the music guys here wants to collaborate on something for BFR just msg me
  13. Skytrias

    BFR Contest - 4 Categories, 12+ Winners !

    wow how could i miss that thanks for the quick answer. guess that means we wont see any more drawings of @Lukaznid
  14. Skytrias

    BFR Contest - 4 Categories, 12+ Winners !

    uh can we give multiple posts? like i make a song, but then another song for the competition and send that one either. will both count into the voting for me in general, or are multiple posts not possible?
  15. Skytrias

    BFR Contest - 4 Categories, 12+ Winners !

    that looks pretty cool!

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