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Patch #400042 - 19 May 2023

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1 minute ago, Majora said:

Thanks for the kind words ūüôā
Did you play a featured community map? The cards played quest should only work on those. 

Yes I played Angelos. 

But nevermind, still enjoyed!

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3 hours ago, Draconnor said:

I may be wrong but Neutral Swamp Grake have same bug as unfixed neutral windhunter - in term of Mind Controll (spell is cast but witout effect).


*there is small chance that i missclicked MC on other unit that died scecond after casting ūüėČ

Thanks for the report, we will be fixing this.

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Posted (edited)

Have there been made other chages to Lost Souls besides the Lost Wanderer change? The last rPvE 9 match i played was laughably easy at T2 there were only 2 squads of Minions 1 squad of fighters 1 healer and 1 spellbreaker. That was the easiest LS T2 i have ever encountered as far as i can remember.


Werent Twilight Slayers nefed too? Because now they do less damage when an enemy unit is close to them or have they always been like that? Maybe im just paranoid but the 3 lvl 9 LS maps ive played so far seemed way too easy.

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