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Patch #400032 - 29 January 2022


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Greetings Skyfolk!

This update is a small content update with various bug fixes, enjoy!

Check out our recent community update for more information. Feedback to these changes can be given in this topic or on Discord!community_splitter.png

Where are balance changes discussed?
For now we have a Discord server dedicated for this. An invite link to the server: https://discord.gg/NvSUwpf

How can I join the test server?
To join the test server you simply need to launch LauncherTest.exe located in your BattleForge installation folder. It is important you run the updater first, so you download the latest test server files. In the future we plan to make it easier to join the test server.



  • Add a new Winterforge theme! You can change your theme in the forge menu.
    • Seasonal: The forge will automatically adjust based on the season of the year.
    • Legacy: The old forge you know and love.
    • Winter: The new cool and frosty winter forge.


  • Update booster images so they are more consistent.


  • Add new and less strict filter options for advanced filtering! A new filter is "edition" and many other keywords got alternative names now.
  • Add work-in-progress documentation for the advanced filters under "Battleforge/docs/advanced_filtering.txt".
  • Add a new "StartBattleforgeDev.bat" alongside the Battleforge.exe. It allows you to enable experimental language switching on the test server:
    • CTRL + D => Display German Language
    • CTRL + E => Display English Language
    • CTRL + F => Display French Language
    • CTRL + R => Display Russian Language
  • Add milliseconds of replays to the replays window.
  • Now a notification will pop-up whenever one of your friends logs in!
  • Add the Fireland preset in the map editor.
  • Add upgrades for the new cards from the anniversary patch:
    • Add Banzai Lord (Green) and (Purple) on all difficulties to Mo.
    • Add Coat of Protection (Blue) and (Purple) on all difficulties to Empire.
    • Add Amii Paladins on all difficulties to Nightmare's End.
    • Add Bandit Minefield on all difficulties to Slave Master.
    • Add Bandit Sniper on all difficulties to Raven's End.
  • Add new config value to allow randomization of card order in boosters. You can enable it in the "Documents/BattleForge/config.json" file by setting "randomize_cards_in_booster" to true in the "ui" section. In the future we will make this configurable in the ingame UI.



  • Banzai Bird (spawned by Banzai Lord): The unit now will die properly when targetting boss units.
  • Amii Phantom is not invisible anymore on lower texture settings.
  • Properly disable ranked queue button, if you are already searching for a match. Players now cannot queue up twice anymore.
  • Use correct booster image for Bandit edition in booster history. It previously was using the Twilight edition image.
  • Fix crash when Howling Shrine is placed in the map editor.
  • Fix crash associated with Molten Golem in fire rPvE (IncomingDamageDistribution ability).
  • Do not play sounds while the game is minimized.
  • Charge cards in the upgrade menu will now be correctly displayed.
  • The scroll postion in the upgrade inventory will now update correctly.
  • Newly selected free PvP decks are now immediately visible. You do not have to relog anymore.
  • Automatically assigned names of free PvP decks will now not exceed the deck name limit of 16 characters anymore.


Thanks for reading up until the end! See you in the forge!

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51 minutes ago, Toshio said:

Ok, so why did  again you remove all the chicks from boosters covers? Definetly not cos of sjw, blm and other liberal shit from ppl newer played any of the games, right?

Its not the first time something like this is happening...


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11 minutes ago, Glagla95 said:


Is anyone else unable to start the game since the update?

After logging in the game loads 20% and crashes...

Works perfectly fine for me. Try to remove all files in the base\pak subdirectory which start with "sr-".

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1 hour ago, Toshio said:

Ok, so why did  again you remove all the chicks from boosters covers? Definetly not cos of sjw, blm and other liberal shit from ppl newer played any of the games, right?

They also changed "his/her" to "their" for example "Player X accepted to show you THEIR current deck". SJW madness...

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1 hour ago, Toshio said:

Ok, so why did  again you remove all the chicks from boosters covers? Definetly not cos of sjw, blm and other liberal shit from ppl newer played any of the games, right?

Please stop complaining about "SJWs" ruining the game. We redesigned the boosters because they were inconsistent. The fact that female units got less visible on the artwork due to this change was not really something we thought about. Frost Mage, Fire Dancer, and Fallen Skyelf are actually still visible on the image, but just more in the background.

@Fimion@Fundus@Toshio If you wish to continue discussing this topic, feel free to do it in your private messages with whoever is interested.

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Hmm, I feel like the new booster covers are still not quite there.

Mini and General didn't get changed as far as I can tell.


Fire is very busy now. Previously it had two prominent figures in Rageclaw and Firedancer, one smaller in Juggernaut and a barely visible Moloch. I liked the purple hue of the previous one but the new orange cover is nice as well.
It looks chaotic, like a scene from a battle. But it is fitting for fire. On the other hand I don't quite see what it has in common with the other three pure covers. It's the only one that looks like a cohesive artwork.
Overall I think both old and new are good in their own ways but when it comes to visual clarity the old one had the edge with Rageclaw and Firedancer being very clearly visible. The old Moloch up there in the corner though ... kind of useless.

I don't get this "snapshot of the moment" feel from the other three pure faction covers though.


The old shadow one pretty much only had Fallen Skyelf as the centerpiece, the rest just kind of merged together. Especially Necrofury had it bad, just like old Moloch. In the new one, the Fallen Skyelf is just a tiny speck and feels more like clutter than part of the image. Tiny Harvester creeping in from the side feels out of place, he is so small. Shadow Worm is the most prominent creature but without knowing that its a worm, you'd also just think it's a disembodied maw. I do like the Skeletons taken from the Harvester artwork at the bottom. I think both old and new kind of miss the mark but I give the edge to the old one because it has a more prominent, clear centerpiece in Fallen Skyelf.


Old frost booster had pretty much only Frost Mage going for it. The rest was a mashup without a sense of scale or perspective. New cover nails the sense of scale with Frost Mage < Tremor < Construct but the three entities don't seem connected. And Frost Mage is a way too detailed artwork. It just blurs into spikes and lights when scaled down to that size. I much prefer the old one, if only for the fact that it had at least one clearly visible, detailed figure.


The new nature one has two very cool elements in the green tornado and the Thornbark in the background. But the Werebeasts and Shaman are in a odd place. Shaman is the only entity not heavily tinted green. Despite standing out in color, he is also rather small. Do like the new darker greens overall, it seems more menacing. But I feel like the old nature cover was pretty spot on from a compositional standpoint. It had three clearly visible entities, Grove Spirit taking centerstage, Spore Launcher being visible in big parts and taking up the background. Parasite Swarm rounding out the cover in the corner and being big enough to stay present, although its size being off. It seemed pretty ideal.


Twilight now has a teal hue and is zoomed further out. I like the change in size but the fact that the hue also affects the letters makes it seem like the colors simply messed up instead of an intentional change.


Bandit got the BATTLE color changed, I like it. It has one prominent entity and that's it. But the artwork is still great. Although very much its own thing.


Stonekin has an entirely new lettering color. Both top and bottom being so similar makes it lack an interesting highlight/contrast, that the logo usually provides. If only one part of the logo had these colors but the other was different, it would definitely be more consistent with the rest. The collage of Stonekin entities is unchanged and still a bit weird. Deepfang once again popping in from the side with unfitting size and the barely visible, second Crystal Fiend is unnecessary.

Lost Souls seems to be unchanged and is still fine. Only odd thing is the tiny Lost Horror there. But it's another battle scene, just like the new fire cover. I like this cover, even though only Lost Grigori is really visible. It's good but definitely not consistent with the rest.

Amii is also unchanged and could maybe use an update, we have Paladins now after all. The lettering is badass though. Love the colors.


Overall, I feel these updates is odd. The best new one is probably Fire, I'd say. Then maybe Nature but it got its problems.
If the goal was consistency as stated, then I don't see how that was achieved.

Mini, General and 4x Pure - Normal two-color lettering
Twilight - Teal hue lettering
Bandits, Lost Souls, Amii - Specific two-color lettering
Stonekin - Uniform lettering

I'd say Twilight and Stonekin are the odd ones when it comes to this aspect of the booster cover. And Stonekin was changed but instead of being consistent it is now an odd one out.

Cover art:
Mini, General - Structure
Shadow, Frost, Nature, Stonekin - Mashup of three entities
Fire, Lost Souls - Cohesive battle scene artwork
Twilight - Still the planet?
Bandits, Amii - A single entity (although Bandits has a "scenery" feel to it whereas Amii is more of a character-artwork)

There is hardly any consistency here. I guess the idea was "Mashup of three entities" but I am not a fan of the execution. Harvester and Fallen Skyelf are super sidelined in Shadow. Frost Mage blurs together with the other entities and loses its details. Shaman sticks out color wise but is so small, Werebeast is mostly obscured by the lettering. And Fire is its own thing entirely. Just from glancing over the general color composition, I do like Fires reddish orange and Natures dark tone but those aren't necessarily defining.

So I am mostly just left confused. Aiming for "consistency" implies there was a specific concept in mind that got worked towards, but I don't quite see it in the results. In the places where there is consistency (Shadow, Frost, Nature, Stonekin) I find the execution not entirely up to par.

I am sure all adjustments went through quite a lot of iterations but what checks were there to see the goals through?

Edited by Cocofang
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Small postpatch update that adds upgrades from our newest cards to campaign maps is now also live:
- Banzai Lord (Green) and (Purple) on all difficulties to Mo.
- Coat of Protection (Blue) and (Purple) on all difficulties to Empire.
- Amii Paladins on all difficulties to Nightmare's End.
- Bandit Minefield on all difficulties to Slave Master.
- Bandit Sniper on all difficulties to Raven's End.

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@TheSantynel Please keep the forum in English. If you have trouble writing in English, I can recommend to use a translator like https://www.deepl.com/translator 

Please turn off SSAO in graphic settings ingame if you encounter white flickering problems. 

For future problems, please refer to the tech support or report-a-bug sub folder in the forum, or via our official Discord. 

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