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  1. Hello there! new contest, new submission) Sharing my idea! Name: [Lost Creeper] Tier & Orbs: [T3, frost, shadow, shadow/frost] Type: [Unit] Power: [150] Hit points and Size: [2500] plus [ L ] Attack value and Type: [2000] plus [melee and S] Passive Abilities: [Hateful Death (R) , Gifted Death (g), Swift, Revenant's Doom] Hateful Death (R) - fire affinity, on death works as AOE, locked to death location Infused witchcraft of Warlock. Gifted Death (G) - nature affinity, same as above, but AOE heal. Numbers i think, will be good, same as for Crystal Fiend, but cos of AOE effect - up to 3300 hp. Explanation of idea behind the card: [Ok, first of all, since 2009 or so, since I had seen this unit in hands of AI, i said - I need it! The idea - endgame, strong self confident unit, that can be crowd up like Twilight Creep and take place of t4 units on rpve 9 mission (as Creep can). Thus it cost more than average and has only 8 charges. It covers up really poor t3 units pool of LS, gives them so needed heal and works with idea of "shadow" orb in LS - same as most shadow units it is playing with after/near-death mechanics. Why stats of card is so high? Lost horrors. This card must compete with them. Balanced? I think yes, cos 1. 3 definite orbs will limit player's deck build. 2. Not that much charges and high power cost for L unit 3. S counter. Not very good at late stages, but definetly will be helpful in campain and 3-rd line of camps in rpve. The general idea - same as it's now in AI hands - scary unit that can wipe out small units, so it must be focused, but hard to kill and scary to be killed first - thus keeping enemy in tension. This also may be great in late stages of PvP ]
  2. Ok, so why did again you remove all the chicks from boosters covers? Definetly not cos of sjw, blm and other liberal shit from ppl newer played any of the games, right?
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