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  1. Hello there! new contest, new submission) Sharing my idea! Name: [Lost Creeper] Tier & Orbs: [T3, frost, shadow, shadow/frost] Type: [Unit] Power: [150] Hit points and Size: [2500] plus [ L ] Attack value and Type: [2000] plus [melee and S] Passive Abilities: [Hateful Death (R) , Gifted Death (g), Swift, Revenant's Doom] Hateful Death (R) - fire affinity, on death works as AOE, locked to death location Infused witchcraft of Warlock. Gifted Death (G) - nature affinity, same as above, but AOE heal. Numbers i think, will be good, same as for Crystal Fiend, but cos of AOE effect
  2. Ok, so why did again you remove all the chicks from boosters covers? Definetly not cos of sjw, blm and other liberal shit from ppl newer played any of the games, right?
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