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The story behind your nick.

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The name Wigglezz was actually my own. After being a final fantasy and dragon fan, I decided to make a name for myself and wierdly, this was what I came up with.

It was a year later that I learned that the name was actually used in Futurama, when Bender becomes the captain of the ship and calls Fry "Wiggles".

My other nickname is Dwick, and that was made from a joke. My friend told me to name my character from WoW that and it stuck with me.

FINALLY, I have a new one that's stoppin by, which is Zarketh. I'll leave it right there. :)

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Pretty Easy. Listen carefully: Let's have a look at the latin alphabet: L = 12; U = 21; K = 11; I = 9 So, of corse you have to know ᴓ(LUKI) first: (12+21+11+9)/4 = 13,25 You also hav

I love battleforge duh?!

I have no real story.  I was around 13 or 14 when I created my account and I loved the WWE ^^  After "Taker" was already taken i took "XxTakerxX".  Now I dont us

When i was 12-13 we used to play a lot half-life in school with other students and teachers too :P There were even tournaments.

When i sucked at it i died alot and always said "Aztaaaa" because i was "fret" ( not sure if this is the right word ). it's actually hard to find the right word translation to this, i can only describe it. So its only clear for hungarians :P

But then i got better at the game, and named my self Azta. Whoever i killed after that always shouted "Aztaaaa" haha. Even some student started calling me Azta since that. And one of the teachers also called me Azta ever since lol.

So i use this nick for more than 13 years now.


I sometimes use the nick MeHaza or Wanderer.

MeHaza means GoHome in hungarian in very peasant way :P  I use this incase some people takes my name for unkown reason..

Wanderer.. hwell...

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it's been a long time I was 11-12 years old I participated in a tournament on call of duty modern warfrare 2 all went sad for me but it was in the beginning then I'm a little freaked out and started to climb on expression but I'm not humeral and was killed and so was the whole game and after that I started to call SMERTNIK

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I came up with this name when I was like 10-11, it's a mix of my name, Ben and my favourite pokémon, Latios, since Latios is known as the "Eon pokémon". it had a nice ring to it and it just stuck to me. these days I always use the username EonBen online, and in games I often shorten it to Eon, which is what a lot of people have been starting to call me as a nick as well. 

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mine comes form when i first played Runescape. It was my first mmo where i had to have a name. i was with my older brother and he said "why not name yourself youto000?" and i said sure. it stuck with me so now for every account i call myself youto000 (or 176 if 000 is not available). so that is my story.

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At some point I changed my games name to NullReferenceException, saying that the name is not defined. It got lots of commentary from non-C# programmers (That apparently hate the language cuz Micro$oft). So to get less hate-related complaints I changed it to NullPointerException.

After that there was some medieval game that added the "Lord" prefix. Because of a name width limit it read "Lord NullPointer", and I was like "Oh my, that must be my new name".

NullPointer has a comedic reference back to my real name, Kelvin, which everyone (hopefully) knows is a different temperature scale that starts counting from the "coldest" (I think disproven) point possible at which no molecules move. It is the ultimate zero-point of temperate, the null point. 

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