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The story behind your nick.


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Nickname Update: I have been The Ultimate WaterMelon OverLord for sometime now, can't change name on forum but that's fine, how did the name come about, well I think we were all talking in the forum chatbox and yeah my name sucks, so I think someone asked what I liked and I was like watermelons and thus we some how got to The Ultimate WaterMelon OverLord idk how, but its dope imo. 

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On 6/23/2021 at 12:32 PM, Skylo said:

My usual nickname (Void) was already taken.. had no idea for a new one. Looked around the screen, saw the Skylo in Skylords and took it.

Haha nice, it has a nice ring to it!

Mine should be obvious for Zelda fans. Im realy curious if Nintendo will ever show is the actual character Majora (the weird dragon from the Manga doesnt count!) but the fact we only know of Majora's Mask and not the actual character kind of has its appeal to. Anyway, I picked the name because it sounds cool, and its easier to announce. Normally I go for MidnaMistfire, but people always have issues with pronouncing it (but hey, Toggy got it right almost right away!) 😄

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In my childhood there was this animated television series called "Gargoyles" . Highly recommend it; like Shakespeare for kids ^^ (nothing like the "3D-everyone-is-yelling-at-everyone-all-the-time"-BS kids get to watch these days). Xanatos was the main antagonist of the series. I really liked his complex character and his multilayered schemes (and of course he was rich and had an armored gargoyle suit... so basically he was Iron Man ^^)

Later on I played Baldurs Gate, where one of my party members was a recruitable character called "Xan", a highly intelligent but utterly pessimistic and dreadful elf; a hilarious but fitting combination.

During my studies I played Starcraft 2 as Protoss, short 'toss.

So my Nick is a culmination of these 3 identities and reads as Xan-a-toss or Xanatoss 😉


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My name actually has some real life association.
Pretty much since I was 3 years old I carry the name Bini with me. All my real life friends, as well as those I got to know during my online life and some within my family call me Bini, so there is that. My actual nickname. Connection to my real life name is there, but loose.

Anyways, as it turns out Bini is a name used by some and is oftentimes already used by someone else, so I had to come up with a surname to distinguish myself. I put Bini in reverse, which is Inib and then added the bitor part at the end, as the the word would then be close to Inhibitor (don't you dare...). Related surname, but actually has no connection to the actual word.

There you go.

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