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  1. Keksbendiger

    Closed Beta Applications

    Greetings Skyteamers, Skyteamerisses and Skyteamerthings, my friends call me Hardy, I am 20 years old and I live in Germany. After finishing school this summer I will study applied computer science so that being a nerd later becomes my job. If some magical creature would have asked me for a single wish after EA closed BattleForge, it would have been "Please give it back to me" and I can't express how happy I am that this wish is just being worked on without me ever telling it to some fairy. My mom says I'm special lol. Besides that I have much time that I would love to spend with BattleForge and/or helping you make it work(ing better). I think BattleForge is THE best game in the world, I never got bored of it and I cried for so long after they shut down the servers. Also I would be happy to be one of the "bad beta testers" who constantly kill your nerves by finding those nasty bugs because they always try to break the system so that you can fix it. I do not only want into Closed Beta because I can't wait to play the game but mainly because I want to contribute to the project. I am having my final exams this week so I am free after noon every day. After that I am free besides some weekend events. In July and August I will be working at an IT firm 8 hours a day, I would gladly dedicate the rest of the day to BattleForge and you awesome guys I played BattleForge for a good 2 years around 2011-2012, back then I invested 90% of my free time into BF, because my best friend did the same. I mastered all the PvE maps and built awesome decks in all combinations, recruited several other friends as new players and tought them the game. I also made tons of BFP by trading cards. Discord: Keksbendiger#2986
  2. Keksbendiger

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    I love you guys
  3. Keksbendiger

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    I love you all guys and I love you for what you're doing for us!
  4. Keksbendiger

    The story behind your nick.

    Yes! That is true. But 95% of all games don't support our foreign characters and the 2nd thing is: people remember me because of that "mistake"
  5. Keksbendiger

    DragonDampfi's Youtube, lots of Videos

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwCDc8pQNe8 haha get this xD
  6. Keksbendiger

    Where are you from?

    greetings from Germany :)
  7. Keksbendiger

    Other Games?

    [quote='Groping' pid='4623' dateline='1436828042'] League of Legends, Guild Wars 2, CS:GO but i am kinda inactive in all of these
  8. Keksbendiger

    What is your biggest mistake made in Battleforge

    haha when I started playing battleforge, me and my friends didn't know about paysafecards.. so every month we took our bikes and went like 10km to the store and bought a battleforge starter pack (~60 low price cards I think + 3000BFP) for 30€ each can't actually remember what you would get for 30€ Paysafecard, but definitely much more than 3k BFP^^ so now I have 5x Battleforge CD with Case, and Manual in my room xD
  9. Keksbendiger

    Server Cost

    what do you think about installing a teamspeak3 server on the BFR server where everyone can create temp channels and donators would get a donator group and their own permanent password protected channel? :D
  10. Keksbendiger

    Server Cost

    oh didn't know they were U3.. that makes it a bad idea, right.. but there surely is something else to give out instead
  11. Keksbendiger

    Server Cost

    what if they include something you get for donating? that would be the perfect thing to get promo cards.. like for every 10 bucks you get 1 promo or so.. that surely would motivate people to support the server EDIT: and I think promo cards are just cooler looking versions of cards that exist anyway, so they are like "Skins" in other games.. that would not give people a real >advantage< for spending money
  12. Keksbendiger

    Server Cost

    that depends on the ad :D I just read that adf.ly gives you $1 per 1000 views so if 200 players would play 5 games a day and there would be ads in the loading screen, that would bring ~$30 /month. don't know what googleAds get you, or what a company itself would pay..
  13. Keksbendiger

    Server Cost

    I think having a browser tab running youtube videos open is for them people who don't care.. they would think "when I'm one of 500 people doing that, myself doesn't matter for the whole thing" and then 400 of them 500 think the same and you only got 100 guys doing something.. maybe it should be something that everyone is "forced" to see, but it shouldn't cost any extra time, energy or clicking anything.. and it shouldn't bother anybody.
  14. Keksbendiger

    The story behind your nick.

    "Keksbendiger" is german for "Cookie bender".. everybody loves cookies and I had seen lots of names built around the word "cookie" or "keks" .. and when I needed a nickname, I had discovered that Avatar guy on nickelodeon few weeks ago.. so why not make cookies the 5th element and be its master? :D
  15. Keksbendiger

    Server Cost

    maybe there is a way to put some ads in.. what if every time you start the game you get 10 seconds of ads shit and then you can play :D don't really know how much money that would get them, but it should be more than nothing, which is good I think ;)

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