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  1. Keksbendiger

    The story behind your nick.

    Yes! That is true. But 95% of all games don't support our foreign characters and the 2nd thing is: people remember me because of that "mistake"
  2. Keksbendiger

    Where are you from?

    greetings from Germany :)
  3. Keksbendiger

    The story behind your nick.

    "Keksbendiger" is german for "Cookie bender".. everybody loves cookies and I had seen lots of names built around the word "cookie" or "keks" .. and when I needed a nickname, I had discovered that Avatar guy on nickelodeon few weeks ago.. so why not make cookies the 5th element and be its master? :D
  4. Keksbendiger


    Wish granted, but that means your're exmatriculated. I wish I would loose 10kg of weight :P

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