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  1. Ashen_Cyborg

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    My BattleForge story began all the way back in mid 2010 or so. My brother had discovered the game, and this was after BattleForge had become free to play. Back then, I had restricted timings to play on the computer, an hour a week, imposed by my parents because I used to get addicted to games pretty easily. So this one Saturday, I saw my brother playing this game I'd never seen before. It included monsters, cards, and pretty effects. Like any other kid, this attracted me. I inquired about the game, and he started off by saying that it wasn't a game he'd think I'd like. This statement is the reason I began playing BattleForge in the first place. After he left, I logged into the game, created my profile and I was in. Little did I know that this would be the only game I'd ever care for as much as I did. I had started out completely with the f2p cards we got, and initially I was really happy with that. Spawning a Giant Wyrm, feeling like I could control something so mighty was the best feeling ever. Each green ball of flame it would breathe out, destroying buildings to smithereens, oh the joy! This went on for about a month, till I got bored of my cards. I'd see all kinds of awesome cards in the auction house, but I could never own them, which sucked. So one day, my brother and I went to our dad and begged him to let us buy some BFP. With his consent, we bought 500 BFP, 250 each. I was over the moon! I could finally buy cards I wanted! I didn't really know the concept of bargaining very well, so I ended up throwing mine away on cards that weren't even worth it. My brother, on the other hand, was a tycoon. With just 250 BFP, he ended up with a Dreadnought, Thunderwagon, Promo Mo, Mo, Promo Firedancer, and other amazing, amazing cards! Out of pity, he'd even give some to me. Those were great days. Then, one day, like any other Saturday, my brother logged into his account. Gone. Every single card, all his BFP and gold, gone. Someone got into his account, transferred everything, and left without a trace. He got so disheartened, that his BF story ended right there. But mine didn't. I was still left with a Mo that he gave me. I didn't want to sell it as it was a card I really liked, and it was the last remnant of my brother's success. I didn't want to, but I knew I had to. I sold it. Back then, a Mo was worth around 400 BFP. Using this, I started trading the right way. Scouting for deals, sniping offers, and most importantly, using those cards to dominate others in a field where mercy was the biggest weakness. Over the period of the next four years, I managed to make 2 or 3 decks of level 120, by trading I managed to get around 20000 BFP, and I was not bad a player! My biggest achievement was probably owning an Abyssal Warder and a Forest Elder together. I loved those two cards. For me, BattleForge was more about trading and earning. Putting cards on the AH. Waiting in anticipation for the envelope icon to glow. I never left BattleForge's side. It was more than just a game for me. The day I saw they had introduced the concept of the demo cards (the ones we got which were upgraded twice for every card), I knew the realm on Nyn was falling apart. And one fateful day, the dreaded message came. EA was officially going to shut down BattleForge. I tried to hold on longer, wanted to keep playing till the very last second. I had spent so many hours on this game, caring for my deck, spending sleepless nights on how to tackle different maps, figuring out which deck would be the best in PvP. All for nothing. EA was still closing the game. Nothing that I could say or do would prevent that. I was shattered. I still remember the countdown. I had logged onto BattleForge two hours before it shut down. The global chat was filled with people bidding farewell to a game that treated it's players so well. I tried to send a message as well, but couldn't put my grief into words. In the last two hours, I didn't open any map. I didn't play with anyone. I just went to the forge, summoned the units of cards I had owned, and just sat there, listening to the melancholy tune of the Forge. The timer kept counting down. Thirty minutes left, twenty minutes left, ten minutes left. I felt that I should say something on the chat. Even though I didn't know anyone, our love for BattleForge was still one strong bond we all shared. The only thing I managed to type was "Goodbye". A year after that, I would watch some videos on YouTube, without commentary, on BattleForge. It filled me with this kind of bitter sweet sadness. Jumping from one video to another, I somehow landed up on a video titled "Legacy Reforge". Intrigued, I clicked on it, since it's thumbnail had a picture resembling a Juggernaut. In the video, the guy said how he along with his team were planning to rebuild BattleForge from scratch for all the players who loved the game. For some reason, I just wasn't excited by this. Don't get me wrong, the idea to rebuild BattleForge sounded like an amazing yet daunting task, but the fact that people cared so much really spoke a lot about how amazing the BattleForge community really was. But it would never be the same. I couldn't just play a spin off of what I loved. It would never replace BattleForge. Then two years ago, December 19th, 2015, I googled BattleForge to check on how Legacy Reforge was coming up. But this time a third link popped up, BFReborn. I clicked on it, and I ended up here. I read everything I could about this place. Seeing what you guys were up to filled me with such childish excitement! Seeing how you guys would post videos pretty frequently, showing how far the game was coming along, it was awesome! But that wasn't what made this place truly awesome. The people here are what made BattleForge, BattleForge. Such helpful, compassionate guys here, working together, trying to put together one thing we all care for, just thinking about something like this is amazing. I really loved this game, and really respect you all for doing this for everyone who wants to see it up and running again. I just want to enter the forge again. I hope it happens soon. Cheers!
  2. Ashen_Cyborg

    Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    I spent 10$ when BattleForge had become f2p. I spent it on boosters, then traded cards from there to build my decks.
  3. Ashen_Cyborg


    Someone went a little deeper than expected :3
  4. Ashen_Cyborg

    The story behind your nick.

    I used to be BarbarianNE. 'Barbarian' because as a kid I loved the character Barbarian from Diablo 2 (and still love the character in Diablo 3) and NE was two random letters because 'Barbarian' was taken.
  5. Ashen_Cyborg

    First thing you wanna do

    I miss the whole damn game!
  6. Ashen_Cyborg

    Lore of your choice.

    Think they're talking about the main lore. Stuff I didn't bother reading
  7. Ashen_Cyborg

    games What other games you play?

    Oh I study! :3
  8. Ashen_Cyborg

    Guess the screenshot!

    I just played the game for the nighttime. Those zombies that run at you at night (volatiles, I think...) really pumps you up. But that was before I realized water was their weakness. Then I just attracted a bunch of em, let em chase me for a bit, swim in some pond, watch them die as soon as they step in (psychopathic, but they're zombies after all!)
  9. Ashen_Cyborg

    Guess the screenshot!

    Yep thats Dying Light. Played it, but gets damn monotonous after a while.
  10. Ashen_Cyborg

    Skylords Reborn (Coming Soon)

    Its kind of weird how even though this game wasn't very popular, the players are die hard fans of the game! Almost every member in this forum feels almost exactly how you feel @superflames. At least I know I do!
  11. Ashen_Cyborg

    Daily Card Discussion

    Brannoc....is Downright Awesome. An upgraded Brannoc's Special power can screw small and med units in seconds. Love it.
  12. Ashen_Cyborg

    First thing you wanna do

    Summon Mo, make him move around to listen to all of his dialogues, especially "Mo on the move". Then play the campaign Mo.
  13. Ashen_Cyborg

    Skylords Reborn (Coming Soon)

    All screw EA!
  14. Ashen_Cyborg

    Qualifications to be part of the Development Team

    Can't be too hard to learn C#
  15. Ashen_Cyborg

    Qualifications to be part of the Development Team

    So is C++ still required in the development of BF Reborn?

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