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Contest: New Logo

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On 25. 11. 2016 at 11:25 AM, LagOps said:

yes, it looks really good, but did you take that tree on the "S" from another image? it kinda looks like it, also looks like it is cut off because of that. i don't think using 3rd party art is allowed.

to the more positive: the readability seems okay and i like the colour palate a lot, seems very professional to me. i am guessing the the white and featureless spots will get some texture as well. looking forward to it.

I did take it from another image, didn't really think much of it at the time. I can redraw it should need be, can a mod/dev say if it's ok or not to use parts of battleforge art?


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1 hour ago, Ladadoos said:

it looks indeed really nice, although the only small thing that annoys me after I noticed it is that the clouds seem to be mirrored. Besides that, very nice

Yea i forgot to add , please give me edits so it would become what the community wants . I will fix the clouds.

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SR Saint's Row don't make logo with this 2 letters


On 24/11/2016 at 1:06 AM, Lukaznid said:


Well this is where I left off, I might finish it one day hahaha

Nice job!!Sky is very nice but i believe u must fill k and y with blue and make the uper side frozen.The color under lords we can say that is the color of lost souls and letters of lord who is dark down side u can change it to purple and the others half red with fire up of the letter also dont forget to fill sky around with green.It's just personal opinion no offense!

Edited by Simigr
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1 hour ago, Caknatou said:

Hope you'll like it :)


Looks nice, eye catching. Not sure if it fits BF though

On 28/11/2016 at 8:30 AM, anonyme0273 said:

Only thing I would personally suggest is switching up the colors, so they are not identical to the old original combination.

Why is that an unwanted thing though? I  would argue the opposite.

I thought the whole point of this was to create a logo that doesn't infringe on copyright and hints at Skylords Reborn being in fact about the game BattleForge.

In that case it should remind as much of the BF vibe and colors as possible.

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9 hours ago, Simigr said:

I got and idea but i don't know if its easy to execute anyone because i'm noob to this work.Can u write it Skylords Reborn with units avatars like Worms and others units?


If they're copyrighted images then sadly not it has to be all newly made nothing borrowed from anywhere due to copyright laws etc.

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