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  1. Let me tell you something... I've been in the shoes of those developers, working so hard to revive our favorite game. Kinda. Whenever you feel so close to solving a problem, at least 3 more emerge. Re-writing a server-side client in another language, while it seems doable is not an easy task. Those estimates are unreal. It is just not doable in the spans mentioned, If those guys manage to do that- I'll applaud them. I do not want to break the hype, but the winter release will be followed by the spring one. If it was meant to be done it should happen over an year span. I actuall
  2. Those are some amazing news. I have secretly believed that it would happen some day. Congratulations to the team for their hard work and to the community for their endless support on this! Keep it up!
  3. Wow! I really love it! Especially the middle one of the three. Good job. +1'd
  4. One word only, Claymore. Best one I've ever watched!
  5. The Alpha Ceph from Crysis 3. That guy gave me the chills and pure satisfaction when I finally managed to beat the crap out of him!
  6. Word: Biology If you weren't so dumb, you'd know that Biology is the only science in which multiplication is the same thing as division. New word: Jet
  7. It appears that my nickname is a bad word in Italian. I never knew that
  8. Wow, I'm the first Bulgarian around here. I thought there will be more, which is kind of sad...
  9. Its a nice API for some useful tools. I may try to make something out of it. Maybe a deckbuilder where you can share your saved decks. If someone has any ideas - you can share those
  10. Thank you for the welcome and for asking. Well mainly because I have more spare time now. I can read all topic posts without a rush, give it some thought and maybe share mine. Also I get to know better community members (as much as I can do that in a forum) and that makes me feel more open to it.
  11. Hello, guys and gals! My name is Plamen from Bulgaria and I am 28 years old. I was a casual player - no high ranking, but I loved the game. Brought a whole bunch of my friends into it, back in the days. I have a M.D. in Software Engineering and I work as a 'Web Applications Architect and Developer' in a lot of languages and platforms ( I enjoy working on the back-end ). I've been around for an year, read a lot of topics, but stayed passive. My favourite card is this one. As most of you - I can't wait to meet you all in the Forge!
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