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Official Skylords Reborn PvP Tournament #1 - 29th October 2022


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Hello fellow Skyladies and Skylords!

It has been a very long time, but we are finally back with a new PvP tournament!


Tournament Date
On Saturday 29.10.22 starting at 14:00 p.m. CEST (Berlin time). The stream will start about 30 minutes in advance.

The tournament will be played as a 1on1, Best of 3, double elimination tournament, meaning if you lose a set, you move to the lower bracket and can still make the finals! Grand finals will have a bracket reset, meaning the player coming from the lower bracket has to win two sets against the finalist to win the tournament.

Prize Pool
Participation rewardPlaying at least two rounds in the tournaments will earn you 1 General Booster, even if you lost both rounds!

1st place                        10 General Booster packs 
2nd place                        9 General Booster packs
3rd place                         8 General Booster packs
4th-8th place                  5 General Booster packs

Random rewards    
Additionally, there will be a pool consisting of all PvP cards from the Rebirth edition, which will be randomly distributed between all participants!

Organization and sign-up
The tournament brackets will be on Challonge, so register and join the tournament there using the button below. Please sign-up in advance!


Please use your in game account name to make communication and finding your enemy easier.
In case of problems, contact me or one of the mods via Discord, BattleForge or on Twitch.
Twitch mods: DutchyDutchy

A live stream covering the tournament will take place on the official channel on twitch.tv. Streaming will start around 13:30 p.m. CEST (Berlin time). We will use the stream to communicate with the players, so be sure to join the stream to be notified of last minute updates. Everyone is welcome to hang out and watch the action as well!

Rules (read this!)

Disconnection during a game results in a default loss. If both sides agree, it is possible to have a remake.

 Not showing up to your match after 15 minutes results in a default loss. The plan is to play a round of matches every ~30 mins.

 After your match, go to Challonge and insert the result. That is done by clicking on your match and selecting the winner/stats. The brackets will be updated automatically.

 The Map Pool is: Haladur, Simai, Elyon, Lajesh, Uro and Yrmia (same pool as in ranked duel).

The first map to play on will be decided by the players banning maps. The first player to ban is decided at random.

After that it is loser's choice, but you can't pick a map you have already won a game on in the same set.

The winning player (who won the previous match in the bo3) also has to lock in his deck first.

 The brackets for the tournament will be shuffled before the tournament starts!

 Use your Battleforge name for the tournament. If your Challonge account differs from your Battleforge account name, use the "Sign up with an alternate name" feature or change your name for the tournament in the settings. Finding your opponent will be a LOT easier this way.

• Playing at least two rounds in the tournaments will earn you 1 General Booster, even if you lost both rounds. This is meant to encourage players to give PvP a try, immeaditly surrendering or not showing up for a match will disqualify you for this reward. We send out these boosters the days after the tournament. 

Reply in this thread if you have questions, we will answer them as soon as possible.

Best regards,
The Skylords Reborn Team

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  • Metagross31 changed the title to Official Skylords Reborn PvP Tournament #1 - 29th October 2022
3 minutes ago, Little_Ducky said:

Will there be divisions? There may be rookies interested but being beaten to a pulp in their first 2 matches may not be the best introduction to PVP 😄

There have been dedicated Rookie tournaments in the past and there will be more of them in the future. This one is an open tournament with just one division. The double elimination format is meant to give you a second chance to compete if you get kicked out early. There is still the chance to get two strong opponents in a row (happened to me countless times in Toggy's tournaments already), but that's just how it is sometimes.
I still encourage everyone to give it a shot and to also keep the eyes open for the next rookie tournament 🙂

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2 hours ago, DraconMars89 said:

Pure shadow is a beast overall in 1v1 in my opinion, this keeps me away from pvp.

It's so good that nobody plays it!

Edit: What T1 do you play, because if you have problems with forskane AND nox trooper, there's something wrong. Nox troopers are very weak vs fire while more than 1 or 2 forsaken are useless vs nature or frost. One of these might help:

Didn't find a guide for fire T1 right now.

Edited by SunWu
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29 minutes ago, DraconMars89 said:

Thats a lot to read.

Thanks people!

I promise, i will get to the bottom of it. 😄 

Though remember that since Radical has written those, there have been a few changes. Good news is that all these changes improved nature T1's performance. For example, in the nature T1 guide there's an emphasis on how dangerous shadow's phasetower is in this matchup. This tower has since been nerfed and people don't play it anymore. Most of the mentioned strategic approaches are still relevant, though. Shadow T1 still excels in splitattacks/ is strong early, nature can still try to build up an unstoppable ball of death /is strong late.

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1 hour ago, Carofex said:


Since I cant edit Challonge myself: the time in the Forum post is correct: today starting at 14:00 p.m. CEST (Berlin time). The stream will start about 30 minutes in advance.

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2 hours ago, Carofex said:


Thanks for notifying me, I have updated the info in Challonge to also show the correct time 🙂


Also, keep in mind, that the brackets will get shuffled right before the tournament starts, so your opponent in the first round might still change.

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  • Majora unfeatured and unpinned this topic

Hey all,

The rewards for the PvP tournament have been sent out. If you did not receive your reward or received a wrong reward, please contact me as soon as possible.

PS: Some of you (Rank 3 and 4) might have the wrong text in their message, but the right reward attached. Sorry for that! 🙂

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