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CCC #7 - Contest-ception

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Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings; and welcome to CCC #7 – the seventh Crappy Community Contest!


To see the winners, CLICK HERE. If you are just here to grab the booster code, there you go:  CCC7-IDEA-SWEL-COME


What are “Crappy Community Contests”?

CCC's are meant to be small-scale contests with weird challenges, hopefully luring you away from well-trodden paths. They are small-scale on the organizers side too: there will be no stream, video or event announcing the winners. What's special about these contests is a participation price for the whole Skylords community.

What, when, where, how?

Every once in a while, a non-gameplay event appears... this is one of them:


Skylords Reborn has loads of places to see, and so much we could do.
Only our imagination is the limit.

This challenge is to submit an idea for
a contest using the given template.

While, of course, people that want to do a contest can always come up with some new ideas themselves, I am sure that there are a multitude of cool ideas out there that just don't get the chance to be discussed or considered - so I’m hoping to bundle that into a contest. You are allowed to enter with up to three different ideas.

The only limitation placed on the ideas is that it must be a GAMEPLAY contest - so something like CCC#3 (Screenshot contest) is not permitted. Your entry must use the following template to be an eligible submission:


Type: <Campaign, rPVE, Community Map….>
Number of players: <1P/2P/4P etc.>
Map and Difficulty:  <Where is it going to be played?>
Description: <Describe the core of your contest idea in some sentences. What limitations are placed (e.g. only pure colors, or only T1 allowed)? What map? What difficulty? etc.>
Win condition(s): <Describe how the winner(s) are determined.>
Approximate time to complete: <Just a very rough estimate. Two minutes or two hours?>
Your Ingame Name: <for sending out the prizes or contacting you>
Other: <You may add here any additional information if you want.>

Example Entry from CCC#1:

Type: rPVE Map of the Month
Number of players: 1
Map and Difficulty: rPVE Map of the Month Difficulty 1
Description: rPVE 1 is practically never played. It would be interesting to see people rush through it.
Win condition(s): Fastest wins
Approximate time to complete: Less than 5 Minutes

You may provide additional material (e.g. screenshots), but you don't have to. This is a search for ideas, not for fully polished content. By entering, you are giving permission to use your idea by everybody who wants to use it, be it as an official or community contest. Your entries will be judged by a three-person jury that will select Gold and Silver Tier entries. If you submit multiple times, you will receive only the highest tier prize.

The contest has started with the release of this post – submit your entry through Discord (DM to Kapo#0116) or the Skylords Forum (DM to @Kapo) until 05.08.2022 23:59 CEST  (= 9 days time total). As already said, you may submit up to three entries.


Inspiration and tips

Some information about previous contests and experience:



  • Not just Skylords Reborn, also the old EA Battleforge has a long history of contests. In the old days, community contests flourished, and there are still loads of videos out there on YouTube that document them. If you search for "BattleForge contest", you will find material from the old days and from Skylords Reborn.
  • Best practice for contests is to have a low barrier of entry, so newer players can participate; but to make a challenge that is interesting to Speedrunners too. You don't have to follow that formula, if you have something just for beginners or just for top players that's alright too! But if you can combine worlds, this is the best possible outcome.
  • You have to consider time investment of the players. The longer and harder the map, the fewer players will enter - unless this is compensated by a really cool challenge they really like to try. You may also think about the needed cards to complete the challenge. If you are only able to compete meaningfully with expensive cards like Infect or Enlightenment, you are building a barrier of entry.
  • What often makes a contest are well-picked limitations or goals. As seen on CCC#4, there is nothing special about "let's play Mo on Expert", but if you make players use as few cards as possible, suddenly it gets interesting again.
  • Having some knowledge about Community maps, that can be very helpful. There are so many already existing maps out there that are hidden treasures, just waiting to get some spotlight through a contest. Every place where players usually don't go to can be of interest.


What's the price pool?

Since this is not just a Crappy Contest, but a Crappy Community Contest, you may help with your participation to earn a price for the whole Community. If we reach more than 20 participants (unique players, not entries), we will unlock a Mini-Booster code for the entire Skylords Community. So tell your fellow Skylords to submit and idea – it's an occasion to contribute to future events, and it raises our chances to hand out a code for everybody. 

Of course, the best ideas will get prices too, split up into Gold and Silver tier winners.

Gold Tier                          2 Boosters (limited to a maximum of 10 Gold tier winners)
Silver Tier                        1 Booster (limited to a maximum of 15 Silver tier winners)

Secret Special Price                Mana Wing Promo
Weird Special Price                Juice Tank (x5)

For participation, there is a random chance to win one of the following cards:

Random Draws          Lyrish Knight Promo, Avatar of Frost, Abyssal Warder (R), Gravity Surge (B), Santa Claus (x2), Easter Egg, Disenchant (P), Inferno (x4), Wildfire (x3), Frenetic Assault (G) (x4), Hurricane (x3), Parasite (x3), Revenge (x3), Embalmers Shrine (x5)

Also, to spread some love towards beginners, there will be a Newcomer Card Pool again. By participating, players of Bronze or Silver Rank will automatically receive an assortment of card(s) sponsored by @Lightbarrier. Of course, you may also win other random draws additionally if you are lucky. The Newbie Card Pool contains the following cards:

  • Shaman
  • Ashbone Pyro
  • Abomination P
  • Fire Dragon
  • Construct
  • Life Weaving
  • Ensnaring Roots
  • Nox Trooper
  • Shadow Phoenix
  • Nomad G
  • Suppression
  • Wallbreaker
  • Resource Booster
  • Furnace of Flesh
  • Construction Hut
  • Living Tower
  • Creeping Paralysis
  • Thunderstorm
  • Bandit Sniper
  • Gemeye G
  • Gemeye P
  • Amii Paladins
  • Razorshard G
  • Grimvine
  • Glyph of Frost
  • Coat of Protection B

Depending on the number of entries, you may receive one or more of those cards, since Lightbarrier gave multiple copies of each of the named cards.


If one or more mighty Skylord(s) decides to sponsor this event, please contact me. I would be more than happy to beef up or expand the prize pool beyond the 10th place, add additional random draws, special bounties or any other upgrades to the prize pool. 

The following prices have been sponsored so far:

Skylords Team          General Boosters (up to x35), Community Booster Code
@Kapo                Mana Wing Promo
@Lightbarrier       Newcomer Card Pool, Disenchant (P), Inferno (x4), Wildfire (x3), Frenetic Assault (G) (x4), Hurricane (x3), Parasite (x3), Revenge (x3), Embalmers Shrine (x5)
@Donaar             Avatar of Frost, Abyssal Warder (R), Gravity Surge (B), Juice Tank (x5)
@gam3over         Lyrish Knight Promo, Santa Claus (x2), Easter Egg
@Sucks                   Sunderer, Lyrish Knight, Werebeast, Twilight Hag, Offering, Unity, Root Nexus
@DanTheMan      Rogan Kayle Promo



Skylords Reborn is a community project, so we as a community should be involved in the way we can - this is an opportunity for it. Related unpopular opinion: if you do not contribute, you lose the right to complain about future contests.

Good luck, I hope you enjoy spinning some ideas, and I'm hyped for what our hive mind will come up with!



Future Events - get involved!

If you are interested in helping with these (or better) kinds of events for the community, or want to host one yourself, don't be afraid and simply reach out! Contact our beloved Event Managers @Minashigo Hiko and/or @Metagross31 on the forums or discord. They are happy to assist you with upcoming events and with sponsoring your prize pool!

If you especially like this small-scale-format, and you have an idea for it, you may also contact me directly to discuss your idea and host your own Crappy Community Contest.

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Hello again Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings; the jury had its say, and it's time to announce the winners!

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for making the Crappy Community Contest #7 happen – no matter in what way: developing the idea, making and helping with the map, participation, sponsoring prizes, spreading the word or helping me to organize it. Of course, a special thanks goes to the two other Jurors who carried together with me the burden of deciding the winners, namely @Dutchy and @Prajoss.

In total, I have received 61 entries from 38 different Skylords that were presented in anonymous form to the judges. Thanks to the Skylords Team for sponsoring the code: CCC7-IDEA-SWEL-COME

Before revealing the winners, please remember that judging is always in part a subjective process - on some entries the Jurors themselves had vastly different opinions, so you might find some entries outside the winning tiers are still very interesting. So if you are interested to judge for yourself, here is the content of all entries:


Jury duty is quite the unrewarding job, it is quite normal to disagree on criteria and thresholds, so please don't send Rifle Cultists towards their orbs.


Here are the Winners of the CCC #7:

The idea of the following Skylords made it into the Gold Tier, winning them two Boosters: (sorted alphabetically)


The idea(s) of the following Skylords made it into the Silver Tier, winning them one Booster: (sorted alphabetically)

@itap (2 times)
@wanky (2 times)

Furthermore, the Winner of the Secret Special Prize will be the entry that has been chosen to become Crappy Community Contest #8, so the Promo Mana Wing will be handed out in confidentiality and revealed at the start of CCC#8. The winner of the Weird Special Price (Juice Tanks) is the entry with the longest word count that has not been selected for Gold or Silver Tier.

Winners of the Random Draws

The dice gods have determined the fate of the following cards:

Draw 1                       Lyrish Knight Promo      Caeser2000
Draw 2                       Rogan Kayle Promo       Majora
Draw 3                       Avatar of Frost               FrozenSins
Draw 4                       Abyssal Warder (R)         Arenguros
Draw 5                       Gravity Surge (B)            Rapzak
Draw 6                       Santa Claus                    Fortte
Draw 7                       Santa Claus                    Zizizi
Draw 8                       Easter Egg                     Sirydawill91
Draw 9                       Disenchant (P)               erks
Draw 10                     Disenchant (P)               Ultralord
Draw 11                     Inferno (x2)                   Bozzah
Draw 12                     Wildfire (x3)                   Kociula
Draw 13                     Frenetic (G) (x4)             Dallarian
Draw 14                     Hurricane (x3)               Katchau
Draw 15                     Parasite (x3)                  Lebovin
Draw 16                     Revenge (x3)                 WaterMelonLord
Draw 17                     Motivate (x5)                Fernfalej

Some prizes have already been sent out, the rest will follow as soon as possible. Additionally, the Newcomers have received an assortment of eight cards each from the Newcomer Card Pool.

In conclusion

Again, I'd like to thank again all those who helped with this event, especially the jurors for spending time to vote and discuss the entries.

As already experienced on CCC#3, non-gameplay events see less activity - but I'm happy that this CCC with 38 participants did quite nicely in comparison. CCC#8 has already been selected from the Gold/Silver tier and should provide a fun experience for a broader audience again.

Of course, I'd like to thank the generous sponsors for all the prizes they gave: @Lightbarrier, @Donaar, @gam3over, @Sucks, @DantheManager and the Skylords Reborn Team.

If you have a crappy idea for future CCC's you may share and discuss that with me, maybe I host your idea, or you can host your own Crappy Contest! Feel free to contact me anytime. If you want to discuss or host a non-crappy contest, contact our Event Managers @Minashigo Hiko and/or @Metagross31. They are super supportive and will help you to organize your event!

Edited by Kapo
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