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The legendary forum game "count"


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Four different digits combined to one single number. Writing your own number like this correctly almost feels like building your own stable home with mere stones and sticks... I'm so proud of myself for being able to build this four-digit number correctly out of all those other infinite amount of numbers I could have written there...

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@Dallarian You wrote the correct number, great job! If your brain had send a slightly different signal to your fingers or your fingers had shifted slightly to one side while typing, you would have written a completely different number. Out of all the 105 keys you have on your keyboard, you managed to hit the correct key four times in a row. That's a ~ 0.00000082% chance. But even with such a low chance, you managed to do everything right. I'm proud of you :)

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I always liked that "Say something about person above you" had significantly more posts than this one across 2015-2018, even if this thread is aimed at largest number of replies.

It reverted now, though.


@Bkingn You deserve a separate place in hell.

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1 hour ago, Dallarian said:


I feel exploited by worker {GM} class.

You wanted it.

@Volin @Ultrakool @WatcherOfSky


[Do you remember the moment I mentioned I am evil? :( The screenshot in fact is fake, made in paint a moment ago. You can see it by comparing WatcherOfSky's amount of posts to his current one. However, this is how it did look.]

2970 - haha got ya! ??

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