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Good coop games

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This is the compiled list of all game suggestions listed by order of appearance in the thread (in their subcategory). If you find a game that is in the wrong category please excuse the mistake and write me so I can change it. All info on games I haven't played is from Co-Optimus and might lead me to false conclusions.

"True" coop games are ones designed for multiple people to beat the game together as a group (e.g. Battleforge). They offer either a coop campaign or something similar in magnitude.
"Partial" coop games are those that do offer major coop-gamemodes but consist mostly of non-coop gameplay. Usually they lack a coop campaign or quests but might offer other features in abundance.
"Coop-enabled" are games that offer the possibility to play with a group but are foremost single- or multiplayer games with few or short coop features. These games might not offer PvE.

"True" coop games

  • Divinity: Original Sin 2  (2P)
  • Left 4 Dead [Series]  (4P)
  • Dungeon Defenders II  (4P)
  • Shadow Warrior 2  (4P)
  • Alien Swarm  (4P)
  • Killing Floor  (4P)
  • Livelock  (3P)
  • Warhammer: The End Games - Vermintide  (4P)
  • Space Hulk  (2P)
  • Sanctum 1, 2  (4P)
  • Dawn of War II  (2P)
  • Total War Warhammer 1, 2  (2P, 4P)
  • Victor Vran  (4P)
  • Diablo [Series]  (4P)
  • Torchlight II  (6P)
  • Trine 2  (3P)
  • Forced  (4P)
  • Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (modded)  (4P)
  • Minecraft  (8P)
  • Terraria  (8P)
  • The Forest (8P)
  • Serious Sam (16P)
  • Portal [Series]  (2P)
  • Orcs Must Die 1, 2  (2P)
  • Broforce  (4P)
  • Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King  (2P)
  • LEGO Star Wars 1 & 2  (2P)
  • Company of Heroes 1  (4P)
  • Borderlands [Series] 
  • Saint's Row 2, 3, 4  (4P)
  • Helldivers  (4P)
  • Risk of Rain  (4P)
  • Tom Clancy's HAWX  (4P)
  • Magicka  (4P)
  • Shoot Many Robots  (4P)
  • Satellite Reign  (4P)
  • Dying Light (DLC recommended)  (4P)
  • Warframe  (4P)

"Partial" coop games

  • Heroes of the Storm  (5P)
  • GTA V Online  (4P)
  • Starcraft II  (4P)
  • Civilization [Series] (3P, 4P, 6P)
  • Endless Legend
  • Endless Space  (8P)
  • Starcraft 2  (4P)
  • Star Wars: Battlefront 1 & 2 (2004, 2005)  (2P)
  • Trackmania Stadium², Sunrise Xtreme  (4P, 32P)
  • ARK: Survival Evolved  (4P)
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction  (2P)

"Coop-enabled" games

  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ()
  • DotA 2  (5P)
  • League of Legends  (5P)
  • Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod
  • Alien vs Predator  (4P)

Unlisted (these I did not have the time or nerve to categorize yet or I don't know in which category they fit)

  • Rock of Ages II
  • From the Depths
  • Dark Souls [Series]
  • Eador
  • Warlock
  • Heroes of Might and Magic
  • Nox
  • Stardew Valley
  • Warcraft 3
  • Monster Hunter [Series]
  • Stellaris
  • Mount & Blade Warband
  • Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth [Series]
  • Black and White: Creature Isle
  • Sacrifice
  • Impossible Creatures
  • Crossout
  • Iron Grip Warlord
  • DC Universe Online

1st post                                                                                                                                                   

My best friend and I are always on the lookout for good coop games. Mainly because we have already played through the best of them more than enough times.
And now we are at this point again where everything we look at either looks bad or has been played already. So here you come into the equation. Post your best suggestions.
I'll try to update the list of the whole thread in the first post every once in a while.

I will begin with a couple of games for you all but I won't name every single one I've played now as I'm simply too lazy (and forgetful) for that.

My personal top 7

  • Portal 1 & 2
    • Shining example of what coop is supposed to feel like. Puzzle game for 1-2 players
  • Orcs Must Die 1 & 2
    • Plaster the walls of a map with as many traps as you can fit and inbetween you beat up hordes of monsters. Yes, it's as much fun as it sounds like. Strategy & Fighting game mix for 1-2 players.
  • Broforce
    • My personal indie game of the year of all times. With an incredibly sarcastic and cynical sense of humor it presents a Metal Slug inspired jump-and-run with more variation and way more explosions. 1-4 players
  • Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
    • It doesn't matter if you play YOLO Gandalf or machine gun bow Legolas. Just choose one of the many heroes and level them up. The amount of orcs slain in this game is enough to build a 1:1 replica of the Two Towers with the corpses. RPG-style combat game without the RP part for 1-2 players
  • Star Wars: Battlefront 1 & 2
    • Ignore EA's latest venture and go back to the classics. Old-fashioned couch coop in split-screen mode in an amazing FPS that combines fast-paced gameplay with a bit of strategy and a hero system just to make yourself feel good. 1-2 players
  • LEGO Star Wars 1 & 2
    • Surprisingly good coop games mixing up 3D platforming with simple combat action and decently funny cutscenes. 1-2 players
  • Company of Heroes 1
    • This isn't really traditional coop as there is no coop campaign or the like. The multiplayer allows to play vs as many CPU players as one wants though which get quite challenging on expert difficulty. This is a true RTS game requiring one to dive a bit into the game mechanics to enjoy it to the fullest. To anyone who enjoyed BattleForge though this should be a welcome addition to your library. Note that it is only available for Steam anymore. Old CD-Keys need to be registered there. 1-4 players in coop or 2-8 players as multiplayer

Additional personal recommendations

  • Borderlands 1, 2, The Pre-Sequel
    • A really nice true coop FPS with RPG elements and a great (morbid) sense of humour. The only reason this didn't make my best-of list is that it really feels repetitive after a while with the level or weapons grinding. Other games on the lists aren't less repetitive they just don't feel like it. 1-4 players
  • Saint's Row 2, 3, 4
    • Anyone who liked cheating in GTA: San Andreas and wreaking havoc everywhere will like these games. And here you don't even need to cheat to get to the good stuff. The fourth installment isn't quite as good as the second and third one though due to power creep. 1-2 players
  • Helldivers
    • Part of an interstellar military unit that kills anything that's able to fight back you need to cleanse planets from alien, robots, etc. This top-down shooter requires a fair amount of teamwork in order to finish higher difficulties. Thankfully it allows coop groups of 1-4 players
  • Risk of Rain
    • Jump-and-run shooter. Just take a look at a 10 second video of the game and you got everything you need to know. Fun with friends. Less so alone. 1-4 players
  • Tom Clancy's HAWX
    • A dogfighting game for a change. Decently enjoyable. 1-4 players
  • Trackmania Stadium², Sunrise Xtreme
    • A precise racing game enabling you to drive and build incredible tracks. The tracks can be divided quite clearly into the category where you need to shave off another tenth of a second to get the gold medal and tracks that you just desperately try to even finish. Given that you even know where the finish line is located. It's more multiplayer than coop though. 1-16 players (or something like that)
  • Magicka
    • Really fun to find out all the different ways you can kill your teammates and then proceed to die vs the incoming wave only to start all over again. Becomes more boring after you found every single way though. 1-4 players
  • Shoot Many Robots
    • Underrated sidescrolling shooter. Real fun with friends, especially if you like defending against waves of creeps. Would be even greater if it was made for more than 1-2 players
  • Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod
    • Another game that's just about wreaking havoc like in GTA:SA. The multiplayer mod adds a lot of silly features to the Just Cause world that are only possible with 2 players and accordingly 2 grappling hooks. Just don't expect any coop-specific gameplay like a campaign or even a single mission. Just a lot of sandbox fun. 1-64 players (don't quote me on that)
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Big Update and categories
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Action/shooter coop:
Shadow warrior 2(fun nonsense hack n slash + stereotypes)
Alien swarm(keep eachother safe and work together, top down shooter, can be abit hard but its fast, its fun and abit frustrating at times)
killing floor(zombie shooter on lsd whenever theres a season of smth(christmas, new years etc))
 livelock(abit like alien swarm but its robots and its a more futuristic world with future tech weapons), castle crashers(sidescrolling hack n slash adventure)
dark souls series(technically semi-coop, action rpg where you can summon your friends to help you in an area where you havent defeated the boss yet)
pubg(fps/tps solo, duo or in a squad, the coop experience is very different from solo, and can be really entertaining and backstabbing)
vermintide(left4dead but with warhammer, and all the zombies are skaven(Ratmen on steroids) and the apocalypse of rats overflooding the world is coming, good luck)
space hulk deathwing(warhammer 40k left4dead ish, you are less of a survivalist more of an elite team sent to recover old forgotten tech from a giant ruin of a space ship/multiple ships that has been infested with tyranids, you sound heavy and so does the weapons, satisfying to play)
sanctum 1/2(action fps + tower defense),

rts coop campaigns:
ofc :D
Dawn of war II(rts + rpg ish coop campaign)
starcraft II(kinda late but the coop mode is okay, but limited to single instances(almost like a little coop custom map))
total war warhammer I/II(coop grand campaign in a civilization(X4)+rts hybrid styled map where you control your armies, provinces and diplomacy on a grand map, and then when your armies fight it turns into an rts and the graphics in this game is really just great.)

dungeon crawler? coop:
Victor vran (fight against all sorts of monsters, loot simulator, jump like a ninja off walls to get up to higher levels - fun)
diablo series (3 games all pretty good, first one is abit dated and you can feel its old, 2 is a masterpiece of a loot simulator and 3 did a really good followup(after a few big changes and some fixes) but overall a great overachieving story and fun to hack n slash your way through hordes of enemies with your friends)
torchlight II (kinda like diablo 2 but abit more cartoony graphics and Fishing, with bombs)

Puzzle coop:
trine 2
(really fun puzzle coop where you control different characters with different abilites to help eachother get through the levels, sidescrolling)
 forced (top down ish puzzle coop where you and your friends fight together and try to solve the puzzles by working together)

turn based coop:
Civilization (pretty fun to play together with friends against friends or against ai, time consuming)
Endless legend/space, Eador, Warlock(all of these games campaigns are grand strategy mixed with smth like heroes of might and magic, really time consuming but really entertaining to play, you get heroes with armies and heroes and units can individually level up, in the endless series you can create your own units(more or less theres templates to it)
Heroes of might and magic (not really a coop campaign but many fun hours can be had in multiplayer working together against other players or the AI)

Rpg coop:
Nox (fun dungeon crawling ISH coop, but put it here instead because its not that much a loot simulator, theres good puzzles, good fights, fun bosses, you can murderhobo a decent amount of normal npcs and your friends if you feel like it, the story is entertaining and its a game just made for fun by fun)
Baldurs gate I/II, neverwinter nights I/II (oldschool read a lot Dungeons and dragons inspired rpgs, great stories, needs patience to read, especially with multiple people, takes a lot of time to play)
divinity original sin I/II (take the above games, add a good amount of slapstick comedy and A lot of enviromental spells(FUN) and you get divinity original sin enhanced edition, improve a bit on that and you get divinity original sin 2, in the first you can only play 2 players coop(4 with mods) in the 2 you can play up to 4 people coop, you can also betray your friends in 2)
Elder scrolls skyrim(technically with mods :D)

Chill/Funhouse/crafting/Mods coop:
stardew valley

the forest
wc3 custom maps, dota 2 custom maps, starcraft 2 custom maps(those 3 games are gold mines of short or longer coop-maps)

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Got a few questions before i recommend my other favorites. Is your friend living far away from your place or could he visit you for playing several hours? Then which gaming platforms are available? Wii U, PS3 PS4 Xbox Switch or even handhelds like Nintendo 3DS.

The game i'd like to recommend now is the whole Monster Hunter series. Yeah its still a while until the release of Monster Hunter World but i still like the previous games like Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 and Ultimate 4. The singleplayer is pretty nice to learn the game but the real game starts in the multiplayer. The raising difficulty of this game is pretty fair and the games gives you the feeling that youre not just hunting monsters, these are animals in a different world with their very own behaviors. And all the possibilties to hunt a monster is pretty awesome, you can be a support or a damagedealer whenever you want since you can change your class anytime. You've successfully hunted a monster and you can carve it to get his materials to create your next equipment. The beginning is sadly a bit slow but as soon as you have slain your first big monster youre completely soaked into the game and its getting more and more fun. Over 2000hours of playing cant lie though ;) 

The only sad part about this game is that its made from Nintendo so dont expect amazing graphics, some npcs or weapons looking poorly but the design of the monsters is amazing. :D

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That game I cannot get enough of and now I am going to sit here and write an entire essay of why you should pick Civ V over Civ VI and whatnot (no I will not be thrashing on AoM because I know people will get mad at me if I do ;) ) Civ V, what is it? You take role of one of the leaders of countries back in the olden days. Civ is a strategy series on which you can conquer the world or procedurally generated maps. Conquering the world is not the only way you can win in Civ V so if building an army and annihilating your opponent isn't your thing thats ok. You can win by Science victory (my personal favourite) in which you get through the tech tree to late game and you assemble a space shuttle to fly up to the moon. You can win by Diplomatic victory which is basically just making friends with all of the countries and city states (booooooring). You can also get a Cultural victory by war shipping gods and going through your policy tree until you are able to achieve the necessary cultural supremacy over the other countries. Finally you may also win with Domination which is pretty self explanatory (go kill everyone). If you are not familiar with any Civ games, I suggest you start with Civ V (WITH ALL DLC). What makes Civ V better than any other civ game? Well there is lots of comparisons between Civ V and Civ VI, it all comes down to the content and Civ V has farther more content than Civ VI. Also Civ VI is way more cartoony than the previous Civ games, the sad part is in lots of peoples opinions Civ V looks better than Civ VI. If you are thinking huh this is a good game to sit and play for 20 minutes this is not for you, when you play this game be expecting to have your life sucked away from you because your mind will start to tell you "just one more turn, just one more turn". For example You start playing Civ at the crack of dawn, well pal next thing you know its midnight. Dont even think about buying Civ Beyond Earth because that game is utter trash and a money grab at most. You may play a variety of countries ranging from Englands Queen Elizabeth (Idk which one but she died in 1558, maybe you know?). It doesn't even stop there, all thanks to the community workshop making countless of mods for hours of fun on this great game. Oh and the variety of countries? Yeah people make tons of mods to add different countries in the game like Canada :3. Thats enough of me rambling for now, I most likely will edit this once I remember more but until then! :D

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22 hours ago, Kaliber84 said:

Clearly someone who had played Civ III would never talk about any of the successors

Pfft, only somebody who never found the Fall for Heaven mod for Civ IV would say that.

In that spirit I would absolutely endorse a lot of suggestions already in here; Civ IV, Terraria, Magicka, Portal 1 & 2, PUBG, Starcraft 2, and Dawn of War 2 are all games that I've spent many, many hours in with friends and still play now.

Would also throw in Sattelite Reign and Stellaris as extra contenders from my list, love both games!

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  • 2 weeks later...

One of the best coop experiences ive had in a while is Dying Light! Its an amazing game, good story, excellent gameplay, and very fun to play with friends. Also, the DLC (or enhanced version) with the race buggy's is definitely worth it!

Also ARK (as mentioned above), Magicka (already on the list), the civ games if played coop (also already on this list) and saints row (specially 3, but already on the list as well).

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  • 4 weeks later...

Anyone picked up Starcraft 2 (since the base game is now free) to play the co-op commander game mode?

It's quite addicting, I've been playing it for a month or so now following a friend's recommendation. A year ago when it was announced I wasn't interested - looked like the same ol' boring Starcraft gameplay with one of the three default races against the A.I.
As it turns out, all commanders are unique with lots of specials, abilities, units and game mechanics to unlock. Certainly doesn't feel like standard Starcraft which is a great plus in my book.

Worth a try, lots of fun to be had. Matches only last about 15-30 mins depending on the map, difficulty setting and competency of yourself and your ally :troll:


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Im missing Splinter Cell games like Conviction, just because of the gameplay. i love to sneak around without being noticed and so on.

I liked Magicka its a pretty funny game, but it's not a "true" coop game. But i guess MMOs dont count for you as well?

Otherwise i love DCUO. The fighting system is great with abilities and combos to attack and im a DC nerd so a perfect game for me. Warframes is nice too and free to play not a big story to play tho because its more grinding, but a few quests which are the story are great.

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Big update! Added categories and player amount.


@bazzacah Magicka certainly does count. It has a campaign that is dedicated towards playing coop and does not actually focus on multiplayer (PvP) at all. Except for teamkilling which is the most fun you can have in some coop games. :P

Anything that has a campaign or a (major) gamemode dedicated to coop can be considered a "true" coop game in my book. It really depends on the time you can play PvE with friends and the amount you have to interact with other players. For example something like Bulletstorm is not a "true" coop game as it only features small gamemodes for coop to play around with. Not like Splinter Cell where you get a whole campaign. I do not consider most MMOs to be "true" coop though. While they are mostly PvP, they often encourage PvP, but more importantly they require you to intensely interact with more human players than your group of friends throughout the game. This holds true for most MMORPGs and MMOFPS. MMOs could also be considered a category of their own.
Warframe is an example that is afaik solely coop-focused though.

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