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All-time fastest speedrun rankings


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I have a recorded motm rpve lvl10 1 player of treim 1 Time 11:23

It is without wheel spam, second chance or phonixes.

It is only bandit, but maby you like it for your records?


its recorded with double speed though, so the actual time was 22:46 :)

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No one saved my Soul-tree record? I don't even have the replay myself, as I didn't keep it when reinstalling my computer. Maybe there's still someone who downloaded it when I posted it in the "all PvE replays" thread in the old forum before it shuts down.

I don't remember the time... But fear not, I'll gladly redo it when the server's up, one of my proudest achievement in the game PvE side :P

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7 hours ago, YaBro0 said:

Does anyone remember the fastest Soultree time?

I was playing that map for so long and I believe that I made the fastest time but not sure.

that one was made by @Wolfierce and i think it was something like 9:30

what time did you get in your run?

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1 hour ago, YaBro0 said:

Are you sure? I thought I remembered always battling in between 8:50 - 9:10

at least after the changes to wog, sc, splicer+fof combo im pretty sure that his time was about 20 seconds faster than what anyone else did.

might be 8:30 then.

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You had to see me coming after removing my time :P When was the last patch that changed cards hmm... Is that why you removed older stuff?
I found some screenshots of February and March 1p motm rankings which were both faster than that one from May.

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