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  1. Yes me too, I also get no loot from playing a pve map?!
  2. As I said, I will probably lose it, but maby a map will come, my group will be faster with one nature t1 than youirs. Better the rest to our private conversation.
  3. My point is that a challenge: if battleforge returns, motm map, me with players and one with nature faster than you with your group without nature... probably I will lose... but month after month that challenge will be "reborn". And no, heavy incomming with mine and 2 sunstriders wont do it. Mark of the keeper is a nice thing for t1 and t4 to stop incommings
  4. hmm still it depends, my friend. Also in certain even motm maps it can be a speedrun option as mark of the keeper defends then incoming. But this would be a discussion on a high level, which noone despite us would really care about it, If battleforge will be reborn, we can try then that, with one green if you are faster, or just 3 fire....:) Time will tell then
  5. Nature start with fountain of rebirth + healing spell and roots can be a good start t1 for a supporting position for bg 10 4er.
  6. I have a recorded motm rpve lvl10 1 player of treim 1 Time 11:23 It is without wheel spam, second chance or phonixes. It is only bandit, but maby you like it for your records?
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