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  1. Riccardo Sarti

    Please clarify this

    Being able to login and get "Your client lost connection to the server" right after program loads happens when servers are down only? Knowing this will allow people to don't waste hours trying to play when is simply impossible If not, is there a way to know server status?
  2. Riccardo Sarti

    Maps not starting

    it happened to me as well. It doesn't happen always but then it goes it sticks with that for hours... please could developer clarify if that's due to game servers being down or is it a bug?
  3. Riccardo Sarti

    Unable to start PVE match

    Today I managed to login but when I try to start a PVE random 1 player map it doesn't start. I stickson loading "Battleground" screen...tried several time on serveral difficulties, with either "map of them month" checked and not. Same happen with PVE plot missions. Yesterday I was able to play them with no problems...
  4. Right now when I try to login it says "Connect failed" (red message below password field) Yesterday login was succesful but I was always getting a disconnect message upon entering forge. perhaps servers are down now?
  5. Riccardo Sarti

    Cluster and MySQL

    I'm just curious, do you use MySQL-Galera to run the cluster? So that all clutser nodes stay synchronized automatically when one node updates? cheers
  6. Riccardo Sarti

    Open Beta Information

    Will be a specific thread/site where to post bugs?
  7. Riccardo Sarti

    Preventing Multiaccounting: Restrict Trades

    In old BF one could random maps, PVE campaign and PVP matches any number of times and get rewards.... why add daily quests that, if given in limited numbers, advantage multi account players?
  8. Riccardo Sarti

    Preventing Multiaccounting: Restrict Trades

    Anyone has X hours to play a game, if he uses Y account it will split them among Y accounts. The global amount of time will not change. What makes multiaccounting profitable is anything one gets for free on account creation: free BFP, free GOLD, free cards, etc. That's because it allows anyone to invest those resources into one single account by trading/mailing system. The solution: make all starting up stuff not tradeable. For example, if one get 20 cards then he can't trade/mail those cards. Moreover no one should get any BFP/GOLD by opening new account. That's sufficient. And with this solution all other purposes of multiaccounting are safe to be used
  9. Riccardo Sarti

    Why I quit battle forge, and why I miss it.

    I think you didn't get Archeon's point at all... he just stated "aged" players (at least the ones with a work and a familiy) haven't time to play ton of hours to get stuff needed to be competitive in PVP. And basically there wouldn't be any need to do it, because any PVP players would agreee to have all cards upgraded to lvl 3 when doing PVP. So, treating PVP and PVE differently would be the best way to satisfay both kind of players and get more players involved in each type of game However all major stuff has already been developed and throws this change in game, before release, could be simply impossible....
  10. Riccardo Sarti

    Why I quit battle forge, and why I miss it.

    No one adds content to chess game, however it's played by milions of people. Battleforge has far more potential in its DNA then games like chess or battlecraft. an F2P game which anyone can play on mlutiple servers. There could be a World ranking system based on statistics recived by registered (authorized servers) all ruled by masters servers that control servers used to match up. In my opnion, Battleforge is far more PVP oriented game then PVE: it has PVP in its DNA.
  11. Riccardo Sarti

    Why I quit battle forge, and why I miss it.

    I think Watcher thoughts are correct... First of all Battleforge shares very little with other TCG or RTS games. Don't know if you all agree, but I'd say Battleforge has far more in common with chess then with traditional TCG or RTS games... Unlike TCG games there's no lucky factor in Battleforge, and that puts Battleforge at huge distance from traditional TCG games Unlike RTS games, in Battleforge there's not a fixed scheme to achive victory. In RTS games victory is usually achived by gather resources, build and armada and strike enemy forces (99% always done in that order) But on the other side, in RTS games each players start with same army which doesn't happen in Battleforge: each player got access to a different sets of cards and upgrades based on the time he spent grinding the system So if we talk about PVP "rank" and we aim to see a fighting on equal terms (and the winner would aumatically be the more skilled player), each player should start a PVP match using a deck built out of the same set of cards. So why this doesn't happen? Any TCG game producer (any MMOG producer) knows very well that grinders are far more the PVPers and because of that can't design a commercial game for PVPers only. In any game, grinding to get stronger equipment, higher level, better deck allows grinders to play PVP and take advantage of a "skill" that shouldn't be taken as a PVP skill: grinding In the end, why, in a NON commercial game where everything looks balanced, a player should match up another one with a stronger deck? Would be like playing chess with 2 queens or Starcraft with double starting units... I admit it could be late, or simply require too much effort to make such changes, but definitively they make sense
  12. Riccardo Sarti


    I see the updates on http://www.bfreborn.com/ are stuck on 25th november (and progress bars had not progressed further since quite before that)... wonder if the project has got some kind of issues we are not aware of? I know it will take the time it takes...however not having a view fo the whole thing raises concerns. I don't know if it's just me or someone else feels the same bye
  13. Riccardo Sarti

    If you could change anything...

    I would add I Skylord ability that "upgrades" based on number of orbs of same color. The ability is available starting from 2 orbs of same color (1 orb does nothing). Duration and usage 2 orbs: effects last 10 seconds, reusable every 2 minute, has initial cooldown of 3 minutes 3 orbs: effects last 15 seconds, reusable every 90 seconds 4 orbs: effects last 20 seconds, reusable every 1 minute Effects 2 orbs - frost: slow enemy units in 10m range. Enemy units are only able to fight/move at 20% lower pace - nature: heal friendly units in 10m range for 3% of their health every second - shadow: friendly units in 25m radius decays, they lose 5% of their health every second and deal 50% more damage, if the unit dies while under decay effect then it deals 50% of its full health as damage to ANY other close(st) building or unit - fire: friendly unit in 10m radius enter rage, they lose 2% of their healh every second but deal 30% more damage and for the first 10 seconds are immune to any disablng effect (unstoppable) Effects 3 orbs +10% in positive and negative effects Effects 4 orbs +20% in positive and negative effects I think this could throw some interesting stuff in the game...
  14. Riccardo Sarti

    Introduce Yourself!

    I'm Riccardo Sarti, from Italy. I played BF for years, I think it hadone of best PVP mechanics ever seen in online multiplayer game. I hope to play it again soon You all doing Amazing work, keep going!!!

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