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Riccardo Sarti

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  1. Riccardo Sarti

    Missing rewards: possible workaround

    as far as I've seen if you don't loot ANY chest you get rewards (gold + XP) from random PVE. Haven't tried campaign
  2. Riccardo Sarti

    No more XP or gold from PVE runs

    Since yesterday I don't get XP or Gold reward from completing PVE random (any level) or campains. Tried solo and multiplayer I only get gold from chests. I'm stuck at 29113 XP
  3. Riccardo Sarti

    No more XP or gold from PVE runs

    can GM fix it? or is it any other workaround?
  4. Riccardo Sarti

    About the DC issue

    I dont' know what's behind the scenes but from what I've seen - most of the DC comes on: login, map loading, auction house, game creation, access to them map - I frequently got ton of DCs before being able to start a game but when I'm in game I get no DC for 15 or 30 mins in a row Imo its not a connection problem it's a DB problem. I bet most of the in game activity (pve fight, pvp fight, etc.) don't require heavy access to DB, while of other ones do. If access to DB fails (because a limit to concurrent connection, dead lock or other stuff) a network request fails and that's prolly treated as DC by the client this just to try to help please dont read it wrong cheers
  5. Riccardo Sarti

    Connect failed message, servers down?

    Right now when I try to login it says "Connect failed" (red message below password field) Yesterday login was succesful but I was always getting a disconnect message upon entering forge. perhaps servers are down now?
  6. Riccardo Sarti

    Unable to start PVE match

    Today I managed to login but when I try to start a PVE random 1 player map it doesn't start. I stickson loading "Battleground" screen...tried several time on serveral difficulties, with either "map of them month" checked and not. Same happen with PVE plot missions. Yesterday I was able to play them with no problems...
  7. Riccardo Sarti

    Please clarify this

    Being able to login and get "Your client lost connection to the server" right after program loads happens when servers are down only? Knowing this will allow people to don't waste hours trying to play when is simply impossible If not, is there a way to know server status?
  8. Riccardo Sarti

    Maps not starting

    it happened to me as well. It doesn't happen always but then it goes it sticks with that for hours... please could developer clarify if that's due to game servers being down or is it a bug?
  9. Riccardo Sarti

    Open Stress Test Information

    Will be a specific thread/site where to post bugs?
  10. Riccardo Sarti

    Introduce Yourself!

    I'm Riccardo Sarti, from Italy. I played BF for years, I think it hadone of best PVP mechanics ever seen in online multiplayer game. I hope to play it again soon You all doing Amazing work, keep going!!!

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