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Change "The Boot" to a crown with a different color

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I know this is an issue of no real importance, but it bothered me right from the start, and it keeps hurting my eyes. In my opinion, there are several reasons to change "The Boot":

* The winged boot (πτηνοπέδῑλος) are the symbol of Hermes, the Greek Messenger God; and the appropriate use is to signify speed. Accumulating that much XP is a feat of tenacity, not of speed.

* This symbol is squished into a way too small space, and not good-looking in that spot anyway.

* There is a clear continuity in the PvE Ranks using crowns in ascending order, represented by colors.

* The worst of all, "The Boot" switches BACK to gold (rare) color. So, even if you guys decide for legacy reasons to keep the boot, it's still a sin to keep it golden.


My suggestion would be to just add a new Crown Color, maybe a royal red or an epic purple kind. If you want to make the last rank super-duper special with a different symbol, it would be still advisable to get rid of "The Boot" and replace it with something symboling tenacity or experience in general.


To see with your own eyes that "The Boot" makes no sense at all, a screenshot from the Wiki:



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I had this idea a while back as well when I reached the rank.

I asked a couple other people that had the same or high rank, and they also didn't like the boot. Some told me they played less so they wouldn't reach the boot, and some even told me they rather reset their accounts than have that boot icon. 

but ye, as you said, this is absolutely no priority and is just a luxury problem. 

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33 minutes ago, Metagross31 said:

Maybe do not strictly repkace the boot, but add another symbol above it, so there is another long term goal for people, who are already Master of the forge? (Btw, are there any besides Kamen and FoodForThought?)

One of the problems is that the consistency of the ascending order is broken by "The Boot"-Symbol, and you want to add.... another new symbol? 😞

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Accumulating that much XP is a feat of tenacity, not of speed.

Originally, XP was related to clear times and it was actually impossible to have the max pve rank unless you were a speedrunner. Obviousy the team has done away with that requirement, but just a little FYI about its legacy.

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from my point of view, you could also reverse this, then on the normally earned XP the Speedrun XP on it calculate from the people who are in the alltime ranking above (should not be to the advantage of our team) with the idea that the XP calculated on it go to the one who has the alltime also. In other words, if there is a change in the ranking, e.g. pritstift would be beaten at Soultree, Prit loses the added XP and the one who is newly on top in the ranking then takes it. 

A formula how much XP each map must be worth I can daber bad calculate or create.

From my point of view, I would but clearly refrain from times there with to give the e.g. solo on a 4er map are played. But only the fastest times count from the map without regard to the number of players.

and as always: please do not misunderstand, if one of these thoughts can not comprehend he may write to me, try to explain it then as possible so that it becomes more understandable. Should only be another idea / proposal.

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I take advantage of this suggest for tell two my suggest regarding system rank. The first it's less important but maybe a "nice idea"(?) the possibility of being able to switch crown/boot ranks, it's just aestetic i know, but i like stuff like this in all games (aestetic stuff). The second one, it's, i ask for a rework of how many exp need for each level, from 12 and above it's immensive exp you need to do for only one level.

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15 minutes ago, Spizzy said:

i ask for a rework of how many exp need for each level, from 12 and above it's immensive exp you need to do for only one level.

Experience is from a certain point a pure asthetic thing too, it has no impact on anything. As already some people reached the max rank it seems to be quite in a sweet spot now as it is.
What would be the point of going faster through the ranks?

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