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  1. I take advantage of this suggest for tell two my suggest regarding system rank. The first it's less important but maybe a "nice idea"(?) the possibility of being able to switch crown/boot ranks, it's just aestetic i know, but i like stuff like this in all games (aestetic stuff). The second one, it's, i ask for a rework of how many exp need for each level, from 12 and above it's immensive exp you need to do for only one level.
  2. Ok, i understand that, however i feel so frustated to think that i for reach for example rank 13, i spent months of playing, and rewarded with only one booster Oh, i don't know about that. How can use the map editor?
  3. Ok, so, for the first point. I thought it might be useful and nice have almost all enemies of the game, and i even know about the Community Smithy. For the promo I understand, it's just an idea for future. 3. I mean that, mostly when the game has been launched for so much time in the day, when I click on the forge menu, marketplace, cards, boosters, map, e-mail, everything in the home, there is a small stugger, every time I click for changing the menu. 4. I know, i read the patch note and I love it, however i mean that some achievements they need to be improved for the players. For example: for each 20 forge we rewarded with one mini-booster, and that it's ok, 20 forge isn't so much, but when we reach 80? 100? 300? The mini-booster it's not worth anymore the time you spend for forge so much cards, the same argument can also be applied for the other achievements in particular for the "increase your pve rank" that requires so much much time for only one rank once you reach superior's ranks. even for "upagrade cards to third upgrade" "open X boosters" "complete X quests" etc. For every two-three time the achievements it's complete, increase the reward: 1 mini to 1 booster to 2 boosters to 3 to 6 or 8/10 and so on obviously always depending on the time it's required. And if you are willing to accept this suggestion, I think it's good to think about the old players that they have already complete much and much time these achievements, and rewards them with something good stuff In addition, I wanted to add another proposal, even if will rejected i think. For players like me, that are "not good" like the others speedrunner, put the replays of the match that are in the ranking menu, for understand some stuff and improve some mechanic that alone we can't understand or even for just for curiosity. In conclusion, im so happy for the work you guys did for the game, i like so much and I have listed some things for you that will increase even more the desire to play. Thanks for all guys.
  4. 1.Put more enemies in the forge, for testing some stuff and have a variuos enemies to do some stuff. Or even put a "dummy" for testing only the damage. 2.Promo Giant Wyrm. It's always used in much deck, budget or not, i think a promo its deserved for this beautiful drake. 3.Decrease the stuggering for some stuff in the forge/home, everything i click there is a little "lag", even in the original game. 4. Improve the achievements. I love achievements like win 20 random pve in three differnt difficulty that rewards you with 1-3-6 boosters, it's great and stimulate both new and old players to play. There are some achievements that i don't like, that rewards you with only 1 boosters per time or only gold, i understand that reach level 2 to 5 it's easy, but when you reach rank 10 to the others, required so much times, for each rank the time required its double, and reward the player with only 1 boosters it's not a good stuff, or when you upgrade up to 200-300 cards, or complete 200 quests, i think it's better reward the player in this way, the more you go foward and required much time than before the more the rewards will be. I love this game, and i want to still play, but i need some stuff that which makes me play, and i think the improve of this achievements it's the key. These are some ideas, i hope you like it, and sorry for my bad english 😞
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