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Skylords Reborn course set out by Devs

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At several threads, podcasts and shoutbox conversations the Devs mentioned things that will be changed and things that will stay the same in Skylords Reborn. This thread is meant as a summary of these

This is brilliant have my +1. Please keep this updated.

I honestly thank the developers for reviving this game. It was one I really enjoyed when I was still a kid. This summary was really useful. Keep up the good work.

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@InsaneHawk said the following in this thread: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/733-thoughts-about-the-auction-house/

InsaneHawk: "When the game will be released in closed beta, all cards are going to be in the Auction House with a start price, that we'll put (except Promo Cards)"

After reading this, he officially said that there will be a CLOSED beta.

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I came accross this thread while browsing through the forums.

"Possible Alpha" - http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/522-possible-alpha/

Perhaps you should replace the link you used for closed beta with this one. I'm talking about post #4 by the way.

Quote from @InsaneHawk from that thread: " There is going to be a closed beta for sure. We don't know when, but yes it's going to happen :) "

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hey can u also tell the old booster ratio's so that i can compare,


I am not sure if the exact percentages of the old booster ratios were ever published. But I think there were always 5 common cards, 2 uncommon cards and the last card was either rare or ultra rare (I would guess around 75% rare, 25% ultra rare).

Take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LdlDa8D_Gg in which they open 38 boosters.

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MrXLink: No, there won't be gold involved in direct trading. Since BFP can't be bought anymore, there is very little reason to trade for gold anyway. We are also looking into preventing scams through gold trading through mail.

Perhaps this should be added to the Other info section.

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http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/835-development-statements-from-shout-box/&page=3#comment-27089 I believe this is important enough to also be mentioned here.

@fiki574 has shared the following: random reward pool (everything has 10% chance): 25bfp, 250gold, 1 rare card, 10bfp, 100gold, 1 uncommon card, 5bfp, 50 gold, 1 common card, nothing  There rewards are still being discussed and not final.

Edit: Nevermind - MrXlink already confirmed that this reward proposal is off the table.

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 Actually, they said that the upgrade system will change, and the upgrade tokens will dissapear. The only way to upgrade the cards will be by the rewards at the end of each game.i listened that

That quote was meant as a response to the request of removing the upgrades themselves. I already noted at the changes (point 8) that the tokens will dissappear.

Nevertheless, I edited it a bit to make it more clear.

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The alpha will start with 20 players and will increase by 10 per week. Once it reaches 200 members the closed beta will start.

I don't believe that is true. They think that the release of the game might be possible this year even. If they still plan on doing a close Beta then the Alpha would need to be finished before december at least.

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9. There will be a BFReborn Teamspeak server soon (InsaneHawk @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1126-bfr-teamspeak-group/#comment-26273)

Since recently, we have our own official Team Speak server. The IP for the server is: teamspeak.bfreborn.com:10007 ( InsaneHawk @ Team Speak 12-9-2015 or http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1282-bf-reborn-teamspeak-now-available/ )

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All the cards in the Tutorial deck will be starting cards as well. ( fiki574 @ Chat 18-9-2015 )

The tutorial deck has Master Archers, Eruption, Magmar Hurler, Tremor, Cannong Tower, Fire Stalker and Northguards.

fikkiisss.thumb.png.333db4b3b5b226497113cards star.png


08:58 PM
Tutorial cards wont be in your inventory



"To answer : Normaly, Tutorial deck cards aren't in your inventory. But for the Alpha Stage and maybe in the future (not fixed yet), you will own thoses cards as well.
We're still discussing about that. " (InsaneHawk @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/835-development-statements-from-shout-box/&page=5/#comment-29568)

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