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Introducing .. The entire team !

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Hello Skylords !

Over 1.000 members on the forum ! That's just amazing guys ! You're awesome <3
Thanks you so much for the support, we didn't expect so much people, that's just insane :D

So in this theard, we're going to introduce ourselves, to let you know us more ;)

Let's start !

My name is Quentin, I'm a french, I am 22 years old, living in France. I'm still a student, in computer science, and I'm a passionate of programing since 12 yo. I made a lot of projects and stuff before BattleForge Reborn (Privates, Softwares, etc..) I'm also the administator of the French Community of World Of Warcraft Emulation (http://wow-emu.fr) beside this project.
I mainly use C# language because I really like this one :P I also like others, but not as much as C#.

I love Manga/Anime, and all kind of music (except "rap" :D), and I'm also a player, as you :D I don't know why but sometimes when you're an admin of a project, people forget that you are also a gamer, so yes I am ! -- I'm playing a lot of games, such as Hearthstone, WoW, CS:GO, HotS, Osu!, S4L etc... (I can't quote all my games ><)

For me, BattleForge was one of my first strategy game, and actually, my favourite. I was playing since 2009 and I bought the cd-box loooooooong time ago :D
So when we started this project with @Blank, I was really happy and excited about it (And I'm still ! :D) and I really hope that you guys also are HYPPPPPPPED for this, because it's going to be real ! :P

Hope now you guys know much more about myself
Now ... Why not checking others, next to me ?

See you soon, in the forge !

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Hey everyone! Just a quick paragraph to give you an idea of who I am :P

My name is Samuel ''Dexirian'' Ross, 24 year old technician currently working at CGI. I have worked as a computer technician for many years, have studied networking administration for 3 years and will eventually pursue at university. On the side, I am a League of Legends shoutcaster, whether it be for live french / english events or online. I also work as a part-time DJ for different events including weddings and whatnot.

I learned about battleforge thanks to a local french TV show that covered new releases and whatnot. Started playing and really got hooked, cleared all expert maps and made it top 20 1v1 ladder at some point. Back then i wasn't really into shoutcasting and whatnot hence why I don't have much battleforge content on my youtube, but when the game will come back out, I will be streaming and making videos much more regularly. I learned of this project thanks to really specific google researchs that i've been doing periodically since the close of the game. (Yes I am a die-hard fan).

With good timing and good background, I was able to make it to the BF Reborn staff, and will be doing my best to keep this community alive and well. I will be providing lot's of PvP tutorials and content to the community, and will keep moderating the forums and eventually the game itself.

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My unique username on the Internet is fiki574. and my real name is secret. I'm 20 years old male student attending Technical university (Programming part) at my hometown /agreb, Croatia. I've been intersted in coding/scripting with 14 years already. As soon as I turned 15 I got myself involved in a bit serious programming, and then my real learning started. To this day, I've been part of numerous projects, some of which, unfortunately, died or didn't make it living (for those interested in some of the projects: IW4M@fourDeltaOne, APB emulator, IV:MP and COD6@GammaForce). Ever since 2012, I've gotten myself involved with emulation, and now - here I am, pretty experienced in C#, satisfyingly good in C++, decent in reverse engineering. Needless to say, I am self-taught freelancer at this moment, used no books or lessons during my programming education whatsoever. How did I find about this project and why did I join, you may wonder? Well, I found a thread on RageZone forums over a month ago, seen that BF Reborn is looking for new devs, I said hell, why not, I'm just sitting home doing nothing and wasting my skills, could rather help out this people since there are so many interested in this and could keep my programming skills/stamina at peak point. Sent message to @InsaneHawk, applied, got in touch with @Blank, passed his test, joined a week ago, already did ~12 updates to the emulator (read: completely done numerous social features). I kinda like this game's concept since as a kid I used to play a lot TCG and even collect cards. While developing, I'm slowly understanding how this game works and what are the goals of the actual game. From my point of view, I don't need to know/play the game to enjoy developing a server/emulator for it whatsoever. Pure fact that I'm bringing a dead game to life so others can enjoy this long-dead masterpiece is enough for me. Even though I never played this game, seems like I'll be here. Long-term. :)

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Greetings and salutations, mighty and powerful fellow Skylords! Although I have already introduced myself in the past, I'll do so again for festive and celebratory reasons.

I'm MrXLink, and I consider myself to be a Dragon. I'm quite extremely obsessed with those majestic creatures so yeah, consider me weird enough to growl and hiss every now and then :P. Additionally, I am a Dutch guy studying hard towards the path of international game architecture and design; aiming to become a game designer. Simply put that means I'm gathering experience and teaching myself the ways of creating game mechanics, stories, and features as well as balancing and tweaking them, and managing development processes and pipelines (production). Pretty much making, developing and managing ideas and ensure a game project is cohesive and works well together so that designers, artists and programmers can form a proper development team. I also have my fair share of testing and community management experience and have been helping all sorts of people regarding games and other software alike. 

I found out about BattleForge itself waaaaaay back when it was in beta, through some small ads in a Dutch gaming magazine I used to read. I got into the game pretty darn quickly and soon figured out how awesome the community actually is. Got really involved in the game, got really active within the community, and eventually got hired by Silvanoshi to be an official BF forum mod while it was still up and running happily. And thus started my job to help out the community, stay enthusiastic, keep the forums nice, happy and clean and feed on your hearts and souls --eh... totally maleficent spambots and other baddies. Yeah, those where the good times. In BattleForge I was playing mostly pure frost. Played loads of PvE with friends (most of them actually gained through the game), and made a lot of interesting and fun decks for those matches; trying to use cards in unique and non-standard ways. Inevitably this resulted in things such as my Dragon deck. I even played some PvP back in the days, not that good at it but it was enjoyable at least. The biggest and most impressive feature of BattleForge has always been the warm, comfortable and cosy community this game had. I even made a few really good friends around there that I still talk with today. @DragonOfTime and I have continued to play and record stuff beyond BattleForge in the form of DoT and X's Fancy Adventures (DXFA), but no doubt we'll be coming back to record the game it all started with again! 

I have always found it extremely upsetting but understandable that BattleForge had to be closed. I got the reasoning behind it, and from a developer's perspective I could see why the game failed economically as it did. It broke my consumer heart though, as BattleForge is definitely one of the best games I have ever played and has been one of the most significant and meaningful ones for my life. I've always been keeping an eye out for possible "miracles" and suggestions, projects and other revival programmes for the game. There have been a few, but I have never really been happy or trusting enough with those projects. Then suddenly, I found out about BattleForge Reborn and that seemed like a solid and trustworthy project. And so I threw in all my mod/community management history and game design knowledge, got a hold of @InsaneHawk and I am more than happy and proud to now be moderating the forums, social media and the game itself once more as Community Manager. I also use my studies to help out a lot behind the scenes with important project and game design decisions so this will keep becoming more and more wonderful. I am seriously happy to be a part of this team; the project gets more exciting and promising by the day :)

I've seen this game rise, its community grow, and its excitement grow even larger, as well as I have seen this game break apart, become less active, and shut down. I have been watching from just about the beginning and held on 'til the very end. And with the uprising of BattleForge Reborn, I am happy to continue to execute this task once again. BattleForge and its community mean a lot to me, and thus I will keep maintaining and protecting the realms of Nyn with all my power. The Dragon will watch over our realms, once more and until the very end. Just be careful; he requires petting and might bite without warning. Just a small drawback. Rawr! ;)

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My name is Blank and I am a 23 year old electrical engineering student. As a hobby I have been programming since the age of ~12. Additionaly since the age of 15 I have been diving into reverse engineering and malware analysis. For work I am a security consultant giving large institutions advice on their IT security.

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Greetings to any and all!

I am known to most of you as DragonOfTime. In offline situations I go by the name of Markus. I am 19 years old and I live in the city of Aarhus in Denmark. In my daily life I study physics at the university here, I have just completed my first year and will be starting again at the end of August.
Much of my regrettably sparse free time is spent playing games. I have recently finished The Witcher 3, but when it comes to games I have played for a long time, I should probably mention Guns of Icarus Online, Crusader Kings II, Civ and Dungeons of Dredmor (which is absolutely lovely and should be played by all of you). But really, these are just a small snapshot of the games I play. If you are interested, feel free to take a look at my Steam profile.

I have been around Battleforge since (I think it was July, but it may have been August) 2009. @MrXLink joined the official forums a week before me or something like that (curse you!), but I was mostly a lurker back in those days, except when I made the stupidest suggestions in recorded history (Hey guys, maybe Mountaineer is OP, but why don't you just counter it with Coldsnap and Shatter Ice? Works every time!). I rose to prominence on the official forums a few months later when I started giving cards away for free. It became a major thing for me, and I continued doing it for several years. A little under a year after I had joined the forum, I approached the community manager Silvanoshi and asked if I could become a moderator, because several forum members suggested it to me. I was accepted into the team and continued moderating until the forum closed, being one of the longest active moderators on the English boards. During my time in the official forums, I also managed the old Battleforge Dictionary, The Trusted Traders List, the list of people available for helping out newcomers and hosted several art contests as well as co-hosting a PvP-tournament and one or two PvE community challenges.
When I heard the news that Battleforge was to be shut down, I was of course saddened, but I had also realized that it was inevitable. It was a dying game, with little official support (though a great job by TheBlackOne) and few updates. When it finally happened, a myriad of people talked about reviving it in one way or another, but I had no faith in those projects, so I drifted on to new things. When I heard of this project from MrX, I checked it out, and it actually seemed promising, so of course I offered my assistance, and here I am!

When I don't study, play games, sleep or cook (food is important), I spend my time reading books (My goodreads account) or watching films and television series. I also listen to music of various genres (My last.fm account).

If you read all of this, good job! If you didn't, oh well. Enjoy your life!

See you around.

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Hello, I am MephistoRoss. I live in the Netherlands and I am currently working for a software developing company. I played Battleforge from just after the start until the very end. At first I was just a casual PvE player, having fun with just completing PvE maps and Battlegrounds. I never got bored of this because I always thought the maps were very unique and with using another deck or playing with other players, you could play the same map in a totally different way again. I also did some PvP but I never really got into it, although I always was planning to play PvP more often. During the last year of Battleforge I discovered speedrunning which I really enjoyed. Now I am very happy to be part of the Skylords Reborn team and I am really looking forward in playing Battleforge again with you!


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Hello fellow Skylords and Skyladies!

My nickname since I was 15 is Kiwi. I played BattleForge for around 3 years and didn't play PvP at all but I am looking forward to playing it this time around! I am an animal lover and also love horror movies. I tend to stream with MrXLink at night if you wish to watch us fail miserably at PvE maps and rPvE be sure to tune in at some point. :D Oh and now PvP is working in Closed Beta we may also start steaming some PvP matches. (Please note we're both awful at PvP as well :kappa:)

I am looking forward to helping the community to the best of my abilities and I look forward to seeing you all in the Forge soon!


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I guess this is a bit overdue now but better late than never ;) . I'm Will or otherwise known on-the-line as Ultrakool. I'm from Vietnam, currently living in Germany. It was a silly name I chose a long long time ago for BF and it kinda just stuck. Now basically I use that name in every single online game I play(It comes with putting up with those jokes about my name :D). I enjoy mostly PvP in BattleForge, but back in the days didn't take it so seriously, being younger and all. PvE is fun too but not my main interest. I remember back in the days, getting into BattleForge because of a friend, then he left after several months but I stuck with it on and off until the unfortunate demise in 2013. Like many others here, it was a game I always come back too, even after taking a lot and rather long breaks. In addition to playing the game, I was also involved with the battleforge forums, in the trade section mostly, but in other sections too. Furthermore I was also asked to be a moderator in a fan-made forum by a Dutch person who was known as Lithaladin. I was so involved with the game and the community in fact that, after the game was shut down, were invited to join a Skype Group by MrXLink I think. I wasn't ALL too active in it, but I remember sometimes popping in to reminisce the good ol' days. I moved on to other games but none could compare to BF. Furthermore, I really came to appreciate the community that is BattleForge, mostly compromising of happy and helpful individuals. Compared to other games, playing and conversing in the battleforge community was a breath of fresh air.

Never did I know that I would ever even breath that fresh air again. Alas, the wonderful surprise came when MrXLink linked the new forums in the Skype chat of veterans from BF. Joined the forums few days after it was made and the rest was history. At first it was just @Ladadoos and me spamming for our lives, but people quickly joined. 100,200,1000,5 000,10 000, and now a whooping 57 665. Fast forward to March 2018, when I was (sorta) asked to become Moderator, I was elated, this was my chance to contribute to the wonderful unique BF community I know and love, that never could compare to any other. Being here over the years ( Project started in June 2015) there has been many ups and downs, many lulls, I've witnessed many iterations of the game development, 2 servers, going from only having access to the forge in techinical alpha, to being able to load up maps and entering games, and now with thousands of skylords being able to connect at once. We have improved steadily, and while progress might seem slow sometimes: (The usual reasons of this being a volunteer project and all), like me and thousands of you out there, we always come back to BF, and progress will be achieved once again. The project may slow, but it will never stop. Some time soon I hope to be able to meet you guys in the forge after the reset we have planned! Don't lose hope! Also dont shy away from dropping me PMs if you need anything at all, I'm always happy to help.


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Hey everyone,

I'm Zyna from Germany and I'm 22.
I started playing BattleForge in 2010 and mainly played PvP back then. I didn't really have a lot of cards, so I mostly stuck to playing pure Shadow. A year later I quit playing actively and switched to other games. I was quite sad to see that the game was shutting down in 2013. In 2015 I heard of Skylords Reborn and was quite excited to hear that there are some people bringing this game back! I started out as a beta bester in 2016 and later was granted the Skylord of Honour role in 2018. Later that year I also joined the team and became a client and tool developer. A few months ago I also started helping with the development of the server. I'm a computer science student so I see this project as a great opportunity to learn a lot of new things, but honestly I'm also very hyped to be able to help with bringing back this awesome game :rolleyes:

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