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- updated orb requirements and affinities of changed cards (all other card values haven't been updated yet)

- added outdated indicator to median/mean/min/max prices to be able to immediately see if the values are outdated (if they were last updated more than 24h ago) as the script that updates the notable prices hasn't been automated yet

- added option to add a short description to the community decks with specific parameters and a related veteran action:

  • descriptions can be up to 500 characters long
  • for now, the only allowed characters aside from letters and numbers are: _ - + > ' , ; . : ! ? ( ) and new line character (if you need a specific additional character for your description, feel free to suggest it)
  • IMPORTANT FOR VETERANS: veterans have a new action that allows them to flag a deck for having an inappropriate description which is then reviewed. these flags are not reversible by veterans and will result in appropriate actions being taken for the deck creator and for false flagging. decks that have been flagged by at least 1 veteran this way can't be edited or deleted until they have been reviewed and the problem resolved.


Deck descriptions have been a repeatedly requested feature by multiple people, so please behave in what you write in the free text area or the feature will have to be rethought/removed again, if it is being abused too much. I am relying on your best behavior. 🙂



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Greetings fellow Skyfolk, after reaching a point where it just wouldn't make sense to continue working on the now outdated version of the SMJ-Website, I decided to completely rebuild the website

major update, version 0.2.3: - added new community decks feature and related things like discord login authentication and deck database to keep track of the added decks - other adjustments a

newest updates: - custom cards now have colored damage and health icons (doesn't seem to work for the general card images, I think that is due to them being generated on my server and then expose

Posted Images

Posted (edited)


- fixed displaying description and veteran actions for decks without a description

- added option so select "Any 3 vs 3" when creating PvP decks, but without option to select specific maps

- updated settings page for veteran players with some basic information (will be expanded on in the future)

- updated allowed description characters to now also include: / * = < " (links are not allowed in the desctioption, if you still want to share a YouTube video for example, please use the forum link option.)

-updated community deck filtering to now provide more options and moved the checkbox filters to the new filter component, which includes:

  • Maps: Speedrun, Solo, Map of the Month
  • Complexity: Beginner Friendly, Regular, Veteran Only
  • Additional: Orb Switch, Creative/Fun
  • Information: Description, Forum Link
  • Creator: Veteran, Verified, Unknown
  • Flags: Outdated, Updated, Inappropriate Description
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Posted (edited)


- improved website security

- updated card upgrade claim and apply gold costs

- updated cardArtwork image api to allow SMJ IDs

- updated header tabs to have menus and group subpages into the categories: Info, Tools, Community, Personal

- updated /lists path to now be /personal/lists

The plan is to expand the personal features next, for which 2 larger (and hopefully helpful) ones are planned and currently being conceptualized.


On another note: I plan to transfer and recode the website, bot and scripts to integrate new knowledge and hopefully make them more stable and intuitive for others to understand, since I wanted to maybe allow others to contibute as well in the furture. But this will not happen for at least another year or so, just to let you know. This doesn't mean that the current versions won't receive any updates, but they will continue to be maintained with updated official data until the transfered versions are completed. 😉

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- fixed card creator personal artwork upload

- fixed card search select for card creator, deck builder and others where no card names were visible for the selectable card options

- updated some card data (values and abilities still haven't been updated yet)

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- fixed reforging values calculation for hybrid cards, a modifier had a wrong activation condition

- fixed Sleet Storm's wrong orb requirements (sorry, that it took so long for me to fix this)

- updated cardArtwork api to now serve images in .webp format by default so lower traffic for sites that use it

- updated default notables from 1W to 2W, so if not otherwise stated median/mean/min/max are taken from the last 14 days before their calculation, this is to prevent the values from being too influenced by sudden spikes that last more than a few days

- added functionality to open navigation tab subpages in new window by clicking them with the middle mouse key


On a side note, a new big feature is close to being ready, so stay tuned. 😉

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