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  1. already coded it like that and not to forget the backend "bug" with sandstorm-r which was changed to -b 😂 Thank you! hmm.. yea ID's should never change but in case of plague.. irony 😉
  2. ok, not a big deal.. i can go the indirect way..
  3. Hey Maze, you have any json including all official card id's? I'd like to match your id to official id by cardslug or id in some way instead of building compatible card names for allocation?
  4. true, pretty shure barely anyone will use Official-ID and your ID is working fine. Many thanks for the API links I'm going to take advantage from!!
  5. obviously it was just laziness not reading through skylords backend and just copy / pasting smj2.herokuapp table 😜 Thanks for the Link! Verry helpful, fast and easy to fetch! Just recognized that your webserver (or any webserver) dislikes nox troopers https://smj.cards/404 lol
  6. to speed up rendering.. i understand.. I must confess that i abused your smj2.herokuapp website to fetch information about cards available including mean and buyout price for my own table and logics, filters, sortings.. I am fetching all basics from the API now (CardID and i build the Card Names by my own, Auctions) and just fetch median once every week or two from your smj.cards. My concerns are cleared so far! 🙂 And not to forget! smj.cards is a really nice masterpiece! Design, Graphs, Median, Reforge, CardID URL, and so on and on and on 🤘 Thank you!
  7. Hi, first of all, verry nice work but is it possible to get a static view of the full 547 cards table somehow or a function like "export snapshot" or similar?
  8. exciting and nice to hear 🤘. Thx for your great work! I hope there will be a "display as table" including an option to list all cards available similar to the current site 🥺
  9. Hey! Any compatibility update related to latest Skylords patch planned?
  10. thank you for the fast response and explanation!
  11. stopped updating a few hours ago. And thanks for the median update! Great job!
  12. no cards/table shown in view "cards -> display as table"
  13. Most recent min price doesn't update anymore.
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