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Wish granted but everytime you have to fart you also get the urge to pee I wish i wouldnt have depression

Wish granted, but cars in your country can only drive at 60mp/h max speed. I wish I had an endless amount of wealth.

Wish granted, but you get assassinated by someone who is jealous of your infinite wealth. I wish for world peace, because why not!

Granted but you can only hear one loud beep

I wish i could teleport myself back in time

Granted byt you teleported so far back in time that the universe wasn't born yet and so you appeared in space and died by the cold.
I wish I could run as fast as a F16

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1 hour ago, Ultrakool said:

Wish granted, but you can never make a wish in the first place.

i wish forums would get a breath of life and become more active

wish granted, but now you can't login anymore.

I wish Shadow/Nature (Amii) got more cards.

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On 19/6/2015 at 11:41 AM, Shalade said:

The idea is that I will bring a wish, for example "I wish ice-cream wouldn't melt at room temperature", and then the next one must grant that wish, but with one downside, as in "Wish granted, but your icecream attracts insects" for example.


I'll begin with "I wish Chrome wouldn't consume so much RAM memory"

Habrá que probar el juego que me recomendaste hace unos años :).

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8 hours ago, kestas3 said:

wish granted but you tongue is being cut so you wouldnt spoil other ppl

I wish @Greymane reconquered Guilneas.

Wish granted, but it is later destroyed by battles within the new DLC, so it doesn't matter

I wish we could fast forward in time through the parts we don't like and slow down to enjoy the good ones

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1 hour ago, Kaliber84 said:

Wish granted. But there aren't any good moments left.

I wish my wish wouldn't get granted :kappa:

Unfortunatly something in the universe happened were a plot twist emerged that said wish ungranted is from now on wish granted, so wish ungranted :P
I wish I had the perfect life

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