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  1. Haruka


    Wish granted, but it's an army of Nazis and you are now Hitler. I wish I could be the #1 player in BFreborn when it comes out.
  2. Haruka


    Wish granted, but the power overwhelms you to where you can't control it anymore. I wish virtual reality world with a good player base would come out and I'd get to rule it
  3. Haruka

    Change a Letter

    *I wonder if I can make two words from it CoolTan - That's a website I guess
  4. Haruka

    The legendary forum game "count"

    1480 Ready to Rek
  5. Haruka

    Change a Letter

    Lampoon -The game ends there if you want to make a real word, or don't want to use the same word
  6. Haruka


    Wish granted, but yak dick, not even tasty yak dick I wish for everyone who is a pimp to unpimpify themselves, to serve thy queen haruka
  7. Haruka

    Be like ''Bill''

    This is Haruka Haruka is one Hardcore bitch Haruka outbadasses the other badasses and She isn't a meme pleb Haruka the Hardcore Be like Haruka
  8. Haruka

    Change a Letter

  9. Haruka

    Favorite Faction?

    Frost !
  10. Haruka

    Change a Letter

  11. Haruka

    Change a Letter

  12. Haruka

    Change a Letter

  13. Haruka

    Change a Letter

  14. Haruka

    Change a Letter

  15. Haruka

    First thing you wanna do

    I wanna finish the PvEs I really enjoyed the campaign

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