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  1. Wish granted, but it's an army of Nazis and you are now Hitler. I wish I could be the #1 player in BFreborn when it comes out.
  2. Wish granted, but the power overwhelms you to where you can't control it anymore. I wish virtual reality world with a good player base would come out and I'd get to rule it
  3. Wish granted, but yak dick, not even tasty yak dick I wish for everyone who is a pimp to unpimpify themselves, to serve thy queen haruka
  4. Wish granted, but it is later destroyed by battles within the new DLC, so it doesn't matter I wish we could fast forward in time through the parts we don't like and slow down to enjoy the good ones
  5. Wish granted, but you are now perma-banned for hacking. I wish I had a dick so I could tell someone to suck my dick.
  6. Granted but your previous alias is used by an autistic child posing as you. I just want a little love in my life that's not me mumsy.
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