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  1. Wish granted, but when you find it, you are greeted by atlanteans, whom btw, are sex hungry male fishmen. You are then drugged, and strapped to the ocean bed, where fifty naked fishmen await you, with their fish dicks, each 15 inches long, and they all start penetrating every opening in your body, and they won't stop till you drop. I wish for a hot girlfriend who isn't a transgender.
  2. Wish granted, but when you became a saint, all the people you tortured over the years with your evil nature found out about your change of heart, and started abusing you, emasculating you, sexually abusing you, and eventually drove you to suicide. I wish for the ability to understand and read japanese
  3. Hellooo this was lindey lohan, please come again

    1. SSNTRPimptonSS


      NTY, if we ain't talking amber rose, then I ain't coming ;)

    2. Defqon


      Amber Rose was the driver...

  4. Wish granted, but the candy was actually laced with all kinds of fucked up drugs, such as speed, angel dust and etc. After ingesting it all, you proceed to murder everyone in your sight. I wish for skills in battleforge
  5. Wish granted, but then your entire existance would become nothing as well. I wish for a bucket of kfc chicken.
  6. Wish granted, but you also have his bad taste in women, as well as an arch nemesis who kicks ass, and your wizardry is shite. I wish to have batman's utility belt.
  7. Wish Granted, but your pink unicorn will have every STD known to mankind, and you will be infected just by being in a 6km radius of it I wish for a healthy gorilla to spar with.
  8. Wish granted, but the only wish you can wish from your wish is a wish that involves you killing someone who is close to you as a sacrifice to grant your wish that you wished for. I wish for Trump to be president of the USA.
  9. Pimp cane for haterzzzz

    1. EranShoval


      Wish granted                    _..._
                       .'\\ //`,      
                     / \/     ;==|
                    /\\/    .'\`,`
                   / \/     `""`
                /\ /
  10. Wish granted, but in your perfect life, you will never find a perfect soul mate I wish to expand my pimp business across the seven seas
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