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  1. Starting time is very unfortunate for me. 17:30-19:00 CEST is usually the only time in the day I cannot participate. Anyhow, good luck to all participants! I might be able to peek a little at the stream.
  2. Gwent OST is also recommended
  3. Huh..? I didn't wish for something, that could be referred to as "it" though. I wished for an action, that is "to end" the universe. Therefore your "corruption", as I may say, doesn't make any sense whatsoever, unless... you'd want the nazi's to end the universe, which would be.. unlikely I guess? With WWII warfare material that is. Perhaps future -or space- nazi's may do the trick however. I also do not mind being Hitler by the way :# But k - - Your wish is granted, however you can't... eat... cookies...... anymore. >:D muhahah Being #1
  4. Wish granted, but that uncorruptable wish will not be granted. I wish for the universe to end.
  5. Wish granted, but EA shuts down the servers the day after you came to rule. I wish for everything I'd wish for to come out.
  6. 6.8/10 makes me wanna put on sum moar koan but im not gonna do that oh wait I already did a netsky track xd lol next time imma be more diverse
  7. Personal: 1.3 (Comparison to songs I like) General: 4 (Comparison to songs of the same genre) Vibes: 4.5 (Atmosphere) Originality: 0 Composition: 1.8 (Musical ingenuity) Vocals: 3 Performance: 1.1 (Whether the full potential of the specific notes has been achieved) Danceability: 6.5 (Video: 1 -no, just.. no..) Conclusion: 2.2 (excluding the video) - I have to be VERY drunk to be able to bear this
  8. Okay, I'm gonna start rating more carefully as I often have mixed feelings about a song and can't describe it with just one number. (If you want to use it yourself take note that certain genres require different criteria F.E.: songs without vocals don't need to be rated on vocals, songs that are heavy should be rated on heaviness, and songs that should be danced on should be rated on danceability etc..) Personal: 7.8 (Comparison to songs I like) General: 9.5 (Comparison to songs of the same genre) Vibes: 8.9 (Atmosphere) Originality: 3.5 Composition: 8.7 (Musical ingenuity) Vocals: 8 Perform
  9. 69/100 hahaha. Nah I'd say 4/10 for personal taste (I'd never put on this song myself) and around 6.7/10 in a general sense (it's not bad at all)
  10. Feeling the funk, although it's still nothing too special. 7.5/10 would dance while drunk.
  11. Is quite wrong to believe so, assuming he is talking about the forums as in a general sense, which would house the old forums, wherein I thoroughly participated.
  12. 863 8 + 6 + 3 = 14 + 3 = 17. 1 + 7 = 8. 8 - 5 = 3 hl3 confirmed
  13. 4.5/10 - I sort of liked the intro and the beat although they're both pretty generic. I didn't like the vocals (although I rarely like vocals)
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